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Analytica Virtual 2020 Online
Visit the digital extension of analytica: In 2020, the fair will be held purely virtually - as analytica virtual. analytica virtual offers those exhibitors and visitors who do not want to or cannot travel because of the COVID 19 pandemic or for other reasons the possibility to participate in the world’s leading trade fair in their field. analytica virtual will be open from October 19 to 23. The exhibition will be accessible for 24 hours each day, so as to reach everyone interested from all time zones. Just drift along on your virtual tour from one stand to the next, or navigate directly to your con-tact of choice at the click of a mouse. What else does analytica virtual offer you? *I nnovations and product premieres from all sectors of laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology * Product presentations, brochures and videos * Live contacts with exhibitors via text, audio and video chat * Daily presentations given by top-notch experts * Excerpts from the supporting program of analytica – including the exclusive special show „Digital Transformation“on the subject of laboratory automation and the Live Labs * Startup area for young companies
19-10-2020 | Online fair | 5 days | Online | Entry: Free (after registration)
Paperless Lab Academy 2020 online
At the PLA, we set the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of 21th-century technologies in the laboratory. It is about discussing key milestones to generate solid business insights from the laboratory, connecting with colleagues who share similar operational issues as you have, learning about user`s case studies and how they are deployed into their processes, discovering the informatics trends from cutting-edge thought leaders, being in the know about the last informatics tools and methodologies in a creative and productive atmosphere. The list topics covered goes from data collection and instrument integration to Business intelligence and artificial intelligence... in the end this all about your data. How to get the maximum insight from it and support your company business goals.
01-12-2020 | Congress & Tradeshow | 3 days | | Entry: Free (after registration)
Paperless Lab Academy 2021 Lago Maggiore, Italy
The Paperless Lab Academy, considered the European Lab Informatics event, is organised by industry domain experts, independent advisors operating from Europe with consultancy practices throughout the globe. The main goal of the event is to provide the ideal free learning platform for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying their scientific data management systems. After a break due to the pandemic crisis, the event will be running its 8th edition with a consolidated reputation amongst the industry and thought leaders from companies like Gartner and Accenture. The objectives of the event remain the same and are the foundation of the growing international reputation of our congress: free access to attendees coming from companies that own a laboratory, a showcase of consolidated and new solution providers, agenda composed of content-rich presentations and interactive sponsored workshops, and stimulating networking sessions. Grand Hotel Dino on Lake Maggiore (Italy) will host the 8th edition of the event. We are looking forward to welcoming you at PLA2021.
27-04-2021 | European congress & Tradeshow | 2 days | Lago Maggiore, Italy | Entry: Free (after registration)
Wwem 2021 Telford, UK
WWEM 2021 (Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring) will take place in Telford (UK) 25-26 May 2021. WWEM will focus on instruments and services for water and wastewater process and emissions monitoring, laboratory analysis, field and portable testing. The event will also include an exhibition of over 150 companies that provide instruments, equipment and services to monitor, test and analyse water and wastewater. There will also be over 80 free CPD Certified technical workshop sessions on applications, case studies and new technologies. In 2021 WWEM will again run side by side AQE 2021 (The 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Air Quality and Emissions Monitoring). Visitors to WWEM and AQE will be able enter both these complementary events free of charge and will now benefit from attending two industry shows at one time under one roof showing a full range of products and services for Environmental monitoring.
25-05-2021 | Conference & Exhibition | 2 days | Telford, UK | Entry: Free (after registration)
Aqe 2021 Telford, UK
AQE 2021,The Air Quality and Emissions Show, will will focus on industrial air emissions, stack monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring and all aspects of air quality monitoring, protection and treatment. The AQE Exhibition will again run alongside WWEM (Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring). Visitors to AQE and WWEM will be able enter both these complementary events free of charge and will now benefit from attending two shows at one time under one roof showing a full range of products and services for air and water monitoring.
25-05-2021 | Conference & Exhibition | 2 days | Telford, UK | Entry: Free (after registration)
Peftec 2022 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
PEFTEC 2022 is a focused industry event for professionals specialising in laboratory and process analysis and monitoring within the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical and Refining industries. Rotterdam is situated at the heart of the ARRA cluster (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr Area) with 5 oil refineries, 45 chemical companies, 5 biofuel producers, 2 biochemical factories and a number of major power stations making this the ideal location.
08-06-2022 | Conference & Exhibition | 2 days | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Entry: paid
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