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Latest update: 22-12-2018
Brady NV
TEL: +32 52 45 78 11
FAX: +32 52 45 78 12
Lindestraat 20
B-9240   Zele
Company brochure
Company brochure
Brady identifies and protects people, products and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety & facility identification, spill control, Lockout Tagout solutions and more.

Brady helps you create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory standards. Our high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.

Brady Laboratory Identification Solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life. Heated, or frozen, our specifically developed labels for laboratories will always be present and legible. Brady understands it is imperative to be legislation and regulation compliant. Our team of specialist lab chemists is dedicated to developing and testing solutions to enable you to comply with Good Lab Practice and the Human Tissue Directive, supporting you to maintain productivity and to deliver beyond expectations.
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 BMP21-LAB - The BMP™21-LAB Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for research, academic and clinical labs.
 BBP12 Label Printer - Compact, reliable and affordable entry level benchtop printer for customers who require low volumes of various, quality identification labels
 Laboratory Labels - Laboratory identification products are designed to serve biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic laboratories
 BBP33 Label Printer - It’s an industrial printer that’s simple, powerful and brilliantly fast
 Brady Workstation SW - The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation revolutionizes the way you create labels on PC. Simply download the SW to your PC.
Products, services
 Labels,  Lockout Tagout,  Pipe markers,
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Products, services
 Labels - Labels, Sleeves, Tags
 Lockout Tagout - Lockout Tagout & Scafftag
 Pipe markers - Pipe Markers and Valve ID

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Case study: Reliable and automated histology sample tracking Complete integration of BradyPrinter i5100 in existing systems
Case study: Reliable and automated histology sample tracking
Complete integration of BradyPrinter i5100 in existing systems G42 Healthcare, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company Group 42 (G42), is committed to developing a world-class, sustainable healthcare sector in the UAE and abroad. G42 Healthcare can quickly identify a wide variety of samples with barcoded labels that stay legible after exposure to alcohol and high temperatures, and remain attached after prolonged storage in freezers. *H2*Challenge: Reliable, integrated label printing and sample tracking*/H2* G42 Healthcare looked for an efficient sample tracking solution to help manage thousands of samples in freezer storage. The sample identification solution needed to fit and stay attached to a series of sample container types, including plastic tubes, glass tubes and conical containers. It also needed to stay intact when exposed to alcohol and autoclave temperatures and after long freezer storage. To be able to identify quickly hundreds of samples arriving in the laboratory, integrated,
26-01-2021  |  153x  | 
Label 8 PCR tubes at once With the B-492 PCR tube label, up to 8 PCR tubes can be labelled simultaneously.
Label 8 PCR tubes at once
With the B-492 PCR tube label, up to 8 PCR tubes can be labelled simultaneously. Designed to resist a range of chemicals, and easily printable in any lab with a Brady label printer, the PCR tube label is precise, reliable and efficient. Save time Instead of labelling every PCR tube separately, up to 8 PCR tubes can be identified simultaneously. The B-492 PCR tube label contains 8 smaller, perforated labels in a single label strip. The self-adhesive strip can be applied on 8 PCR tube labels in a rack and can easily be torn after application into separate PCR tube labels thanks to the perforations. Reliable identification The B-492 PCR tube label is made out of polyester and will resist common lab chemicals, including DMSO, Xylene and Ethanol, as well as low and high temperatures. Its adhesive is designed to stick to curved PCR tubes so the label doesn`t fall off, even when stored in liquid nitrogen. When printed with a Brady label printer, the ink on the label will not smear or fade and will remain legible throughout processing to enable reliable
15-11-2020  |  168x  | 
Label vial tubes in a few seconds
Label vial tubes in a few seconds
Automate vial tube identification to increase the output of your laboratory. When linked to our BradyPrinter i7100, the Vial Label Applicator prints and applies labels on vial tubes in a few seconds and enables scientists to spend more time on core responsibilities. •increase laboratory output: print and apply labels in a few seconds on capped and uncapped tubes with a diameter between 10 and 17 mm and length from 38 up to 105 mm. Labelled tubes can be removed manually or ejected automatically into a tray. Trigger printing with a foot pedal, sensor or programmable controller. •reliable sample labels: our specialised laboratory labels will stay attached and intact throughout sample processing and storage. Labels will not smear nor smudge when exposed to typical laboratory chemicals when printed with Brady`s researched inks. •easily design your labels: quickly design sample container label templates with Brady Workstation Lab Suite apps. Import data from Excel, create
03-07-2020  |  481x  | 
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