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Accelerated Technology Laboratories
TEL: +1 910 673 8165
FAX: +1 910 673 8166
496 Holly Grove School Rd
27376   West End, NC
800 565 5467
Mr. Ken Ochi
Company brochure
Company brochure
Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL) is a technological leader in LIMS. We craft technology into tools that our clients utilize to automate laboratory and other business operations in order to make their daily work more efficient, more accurate, and overall easier.

Our mission is to understand each customer’s data analysis and information management needs, and we work together diligently to implement a system specifically designed to support those needs and goals.

We provide world-class software solutions, consulting services, technical support and hands-on training to hundreds of companies and laboratories that are ISO, CAP/CLIA, ELAP or NELAC certified. ATL is a Microsoft Gold Certified Solution Provider, Oracle Business Alliance Partner and is one of few independent LIMS firms that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We work with customers in a variety of industries including agricultural, food & beverage, water & wastewater, environmental, analytical, chemical, government, public health, manufacturing, and others. All of ATL’s LIMS software products are designed to grow with your laboratory and promote Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Today, the Sample Master® LIMS product line is installed in over 550 laboratories around the world.

In 2010, ATL launched TITAN®, a laboratory enterprise-resource-planning system that provides a complete business management solution well beyond the laboratory environment. TITAN® represents the next generation in LIMS. TITAN® builds upon two decades of laboratory informatics expertise, adopting core elements of Microsoft Office and introducing an innovative tabbed document feature and powerful filtering options that greatly reduce the time needed to find exactly what a user is interested in viewing or working with. TITAN® allows administrators to manage business rules that support laboratory efficiency by creating workflows for decision points, outcomes, dependencies, and notifications.

Request a LIMS Demo of TITAN or Sample Master at www.atlab.com
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Products, services
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Product descriptions

Sample Master® LIMS Total Data Management Solution
Sample Master® LIMS
Total Data Management Solution Leveraging open architecture and comprehensive automation for laboratories of any size, Sample Master LIMS accelerates accurate reporting, multiplies productivity, increases operational efficiency, and provides unparalleled data security. Sample Master is Windows compatible and boasts feature-rich components such as an intuitive user interface, integrated calculations, automated email alerts, Master Query functionality, scheduling, and automated reporting. Sample Master is available in 100% Windows or 100% Web, your LIMS, your way. Users can easily modify screen captions to common terminology, run modifiable canned reports, as well as incorporate new screens, report forms, queries, menus, modules, and more. Sample Master is modular in design and affords smaller laboratories unparalleled flexibility to choose hardware and software specific to their needs, as well as support expansion as operations grow.
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TITAN® LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
Laboratory Information Management System In designing TITAN, ATL has focused on a number of areas that are very important when evaluating LIMS solutions. This includes a consistent user interface across the entire application, high configurability to allow the LIMS to function like the lab, and numerous filtering options to allow users to see the data that is most important to them. Titan lims also provides the ability to track inventory and reagents, schedule sample collection, and it comes with a completely configurable dashboard for a quick look at the state of things at a glance. ATL raises the bar in areas that customers have long considered critical when choosing a LIMS. The generation of complicated QC requirements, instant limit checking with customizable record highlighting, automated reporting and email features, and multiple sample login options just scratches the surface of what TITAN is capable of handling. The LIMS also provides great storage management tracking, preparation and analysis batch
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