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Company brochure
Since 1997, EuSoft has specialised in creating software to help manage testing activities, complying with quality standards regulations and the appropriate accreditation bodies.

The design, development and maintenance of our EuSoft.Lab LIMS product has always been our core business. Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience in this field, focusing on the needs and challenges experienced by laboratories and giving them appropriate and innovative technological solutions.
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Eusoft.Lab LIMS for Biobanking
Eusoft.Lab LIMS for Biobanking
A modern biobank must be easy to handle with high quality control standards It needs to have high-quality repositories to accumulate and consolidate data from various sources and in various formats. These will form the basis for knowledge built up over time. Biobanks facilitate cooperation between the biomedical, basic, translational and clinical research communities. EuSoft.Lab’s LIMS product can handle bio-repository to save and store the bio species data. It also encourages collaboration between researchers and ensures the data is secure and compliant according to regulations. The LIMS system offers a seamless management solution for processing biosamples and samples used in scientific research. Using a LIMS system has become increasingly important as IT solutions and IT media in general are able to manage and organise the mass of data accurately generated by bio analysis. To foster collaboration between different parties involved in biomedical research and the
23-08-2018  |  377x  | 
Eusoft.Studio: a visual design module Eusoft.Lab LIMS allows you to customise records and create new models
Eusoft.Studio: a visual design module
Eusoft.Lab LIMS allows you to customise records and create new models EuSoft.Lab LIMS software has a very simple-to-use user interface (UI). This can be customised by the user without needing to buy a licence as it’s built into the system. The configurability of the system means the LIMS system is equally suitable for small and large laboratories. To manage customisations, we have created EuSoft.Studio, a visual design module. This means that you can customise your existing records in EuSoft.Lab, as well as constructing new records. EuSoft.Studio was designed and built on the Microsoft.Net platform and can be interfaced with any database management system (DBMS) – even an external one. EuSoft.Studio allows the user to: Customise Records Customise existing records in EuSoft.Lab and group them into categories that allow the definition of general characteristics. Create new list of entities that can be used in EuSoft.Lab so they can be divided into similar types and assigned general characteristics. Create a repository definition
18-05-2018  |  533x  | 
New Business Intelligence Module - Eusoft.Lab 10 LIMS
New Business Intelligence Module - Eusoft.Lab 10 LIMS
Business Intelligence has a strategic importance in all companies. It allows the business to apply IT technologies, methodologies and predictive analytics to extract information and knowledge. The aim is to improve the efficiency and timeline of decision-making. Quality control and other testing laboratories exploit LIMS to perform advanced processing and analysis of data through the use of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards. Eusoft’s Business Intelligence module allows the laboratory to evaluate its performance using KPIs from data generated in Eusoft.Lab. Each laboratory can configure KPIs allowing effective use of the analytical data to support strategic decision making. It allows the generation of complex graphs for the representation of data that can then be shared with other business processes. The module can be used by all the members of staff involved in various capacities, in the management of analytical data (Laboratory, Quality, analysts
21-03-2018  |  835x  | 
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