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Fritsch GmbH
TEL: 0049 67 84 70 187
Industriestraße 8
55743   Idar-Oberstein
Mr. Wolfgang Simon
General Sales Manager
Company brochure
Company brochure
FRITSCH is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing.

Here a short view of the FRITSCH instrument ranges:
- Mills for crushing, micro-milling, mixing, homogenising of hard-brittle, fibrous, elastic and or soft materials dry or in suspension

- Instruments for particle sizing according to static laser scattering, dynamic image analysis and sieving

- Laboratory Instruments for representative dividing of dry and wet samples, controlled sample feeding, ultrasonic cleaning

Laboratories worldwide count on our quality and experience – for the fast industrial application as well as for the especially accurate research technology applications in the industry- and research laboratories.

FRITSCH Milling and Sizing
Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line
Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line
Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19
Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 premium line
Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line
Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24
Vibratory Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 Pro
Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec
Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer
Products, services
 Laboratory mills - vibratory micro mill, jaw crusher, mortar grinder, planetary ball mills, vibrating cup mill, disk mill, variable speed rotor, cutting mills, mini mill
 Particle size anaysis - vibratory sieve shaker, test sieves, analytical sieve shakers, analytical sieves, particle sizers, dry- and wet-measurement, shape analysis
 Particle analysis - sieving, sieve analysis, laser-diffraction, particle size measurement, static light scattering, Dynamic Image Analysis, shape analyis
 Grinders - mills, wet grinding mills, cryogenic size reduction, ball mills, planetary ball mills
 Cutting mills - cutting mill, universal cutting mill, power cutting mill
General lab equipment - Shakers
Optical Instruments - Imaging analysis
Optical Instruments - Particle size analysis
General lab equipment - Sampling equipment

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Product news

Pulverisette 9 Fast and perfect sample preparation for spectroscopy
Pulverisette 9
Fast and perfect sample preparation for spectroscopy The Fritsch vibrating Cup Mill Pulverisette 9 offers many practical advantages in all areas in which hard, brittle and fibrous material must be ground extremely quick down to analytical fineness. She is indispensable for fast sample preparation, for example in spectroscopy preparation, ore and geology laboratories, mining and metallurgy, ceramics industry, agriculture and environment, infrared and X-ray fluorescence analysis. The Pulverisette 9 is very powerful, especially quiet, simple to operate, quick to clean and has a well-conceived drive concept and the grinding set is safe and easy to tension. For perfect, loss-free grinding results in extremely short grinding time. Your advantages with the Vibrating Cup Mill Pulverisette 9 - High power with well-conceived drive concept - Extra-fast grinding with up to 1500 rpm - Grinding sets in 5 different materials and 3 different sizes from 50 ml to 250 ml volume are available – for each application the suitable one
16-07-2019  |  068x  | 
Fast analysis of particle shape and size  Fast. Safe. Easy. - Discover the Possibilities!
Fast analysis of particle shape and size
Fast. Safe. Easy. - Discover the Possibilities! The Fritsch analysette 28 ImageSizer for dry and wet measurement is the ideal Particle Sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size. The optical process of Dynamic Image Analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for particle size. The measuring time depending on the sample quantity, is under 5 minutes. And the result is available immediately. Your advantage: Great flexibility for different measurement tasks for particle sizes of 20 µm – 20 mm in quality control, research and laboratory – and is a very easy and cost-effective alternative to sieving. - Easy wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions - The Analysette 28 ImageSizer is in combination with the corresponding wet dispersion unit ideal for measurement of particle shape and size of suspensions and emulsions. - Wet dispersion is particularly suitable
13-03-2019  |  202x  | 
Universal Cutting Mills Pulverisette 19 Fine and powerful comminution with maximum flexibility
Universal Cutting Mills Pulverisette 19
Fine and powerful comminution with maximum flexibility The NEW Universal Cutting Mills from Fritsch are ideal for size-reduction for a wide range of different materials due to variable adjustment of the rotational speed of the rotor, various knife geometries, replaceable blades, practical sieve cassettes and that with an unmatched ease of cleaning. Variable 300-3000 rpm for fine comminution The high-speed Universal Cutting Mill Pulverisette 19 comminutes up to 60 l/h of soft to medium-hard sample materials and fibrous materials at a torque of up to 30 Nm with reliable reproducible results. The great advantage: The variable rotational speed adjustment in increments of hundred between 300 and 3000 rpm enables fine tuning of the comminution process for each sample within a very wide range of applications. Variable 50-700 rpm for powerful comminution The low-speed Universal Cutting Mill Pulverisette 19 with variable rotational speed adjustment between 50-700 rpm and a torque of up to 67 Nm enables due to the combination of
15-02-2019  |  253x  | 
High-performance grinding down into the nano range! Grinding has never been safer
High-performance grinding down into the nano range!
Grinding has never been safer With two grinding stations, we have developed the New fritsch planetary Mill Pulverisette 5 premium line as the ‘big sister’ to the Pulverisette 7 premium line: The ideal mill for fast wet and dry grinding of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle and moist samples as well as for mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable results down into the nano range – and an absolutely secure automatic clamping of the bowls by the mill. Your advantages with the Planetary Mill Pulverisette 5 premium line: - Extra strong 2.2 kW drive power and extremely high centrifugal acceleration up to 64 g and up to 800 rpm (rotational speed of the bowl 1600 rpm) - Sample quantities up to 450 ml, max. feed size up to 10 mm - Motor-driven ServoLOCK clamping of the grinding bowls - Safe and user-independent reproducible clamping - 2 grinding stations for grinding bowls 125 - 500 ml volume - Intuitive touchscreen operation with colour display Grinding has never
03-01-2019  |  303x  | 
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