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Latest update: 02-07-2020
TEL: +1 860-355-8817
P.O. Box 1206
06776   New Milford, CT

58 Henry Sanford Road
Randy Bell
Director, Operations
LabLite LLC has significant experience providing LIMS for a wide variety of laboratory types. A majority of this experience over the last twenty four years has been work for environmental labs, product testing labs, production areas and treatment plants. The result is targeted software that saves our clients hours of repetitive work, especially when generating compliance and operational reports and COAs.

What distinguishes our software from the competition is ease-of-use. We are able to train lab personnel quickly because the software interface is simple and logical.

Our proposed system is flexible, easy to configure, and allows for user defined interfaces. Our system will allow you to transition from manual information management to a more efficient and automated process. Once you have entered data into the system you will have immediate access to historical data; enabling you to produce charts and graphs, identify trends, and produce ad-hoc, management, or compliance reports.

Software pricing should be a major discriminator when choosing a solution. LabLite LIMS was developed by lab people for lab people to provide a powerful solution at an affordable price. We believe we are most fair and reasonable in this regard.

Another critical factor to consider is responsive service. With LabLite the first year of support is free, and includes unlimited calls to a dedicated support staff that handle most calls immediately or within the same business day. Ongoing maintenance and support (year 2 and beyond) is 10% of the job cost; therefore, the total cost of ownership is low. Other LIMS vendors require, and charge to renew licenses; we do not.

Our software addresses with defaults the standard lab equipment, tests, methods and regulatory requirements. LabLite has completed stringent certifications for our company, and software products.

Certifying agency guidelines published under ISO, FDA, GALP and NELAP are incorporated into our coding process. We are an IBM Life Sciences Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner. We have a client customer satisfaction rating of 95%.
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LabLite Sql lims - Sql lims - Full power off-the-shelf LIMS with custom development as required
LabLite Process Control - Process Control - ideal for repetitive data entry required by treatment plants & manufacturing
LabLite CS - Customer Service - Track complaints by location, caller, and type, assign actions and work orders
Stability Tracker - Stability - Manage product stability study submission, conditions, chamber locations, and pull dates
 LabLite CMT - LabLite CMT - schedule & track equipment calibration, maintenance & personnel training
LabLite Inventory - Inventory - Track reagents and assets with bar codes. Order generation and usage history
LabLite Field Data Collections - Handheld Collections Use handheld devices or tablets to collect field readings when sampling
LabLite Exporter - Exporter Create custom .csv reports when needed, or create templates for future reuse
Additional Features - LabLite solutions include regulatory and ad-hoc reporting, as well as dynamic data mining and graphing tools. Flexible setup options allow for rapid c
Utilities - Dashboard - Gives managers metrics on sample counts, TATs, income & many key indicators Web Submission Forms - Allows for remote submission of sam
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