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Latest update: 16-04-2019
Spetec GmbH
TEL: +49 8122 95909-0
FAX: +49 8122 95909-55
Am Kletthamer Feld 15
85435   Erding
Mr. Fabian Holzner
Sales International Sales
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Spetec was founded in Erding, Germany in 1987. The company began selling replacement parts for analytics. As requirements in analytics became stricter, Spetec started developing clean room technology.

A broad range of clean room and laboratory technology products was developed over the years. Today Spetec GmbH delivers individual clean room solutions ranging from the mobile Laminar Flow Box to complex, turnkey clean room systems. Spetec GmbH also offers the maintenance a
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Spetec Cleanroom technology & Laboratory equipment
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Product news

Pure air in a small space SPETEC® Clean-room workbench: Mini environment eliminates particles
Pure air in a small space
SPETEC® Clean-room workbench: Mini environment eliminates particles No matter whether it be the medical or pharmaceuticals industries or semiconductor fabrication, many sectors are attaching increasing importance to producing and manufacturing components in a clean, particle-free environment. The primary fields of application for the Spetec clean-room workbench or mini environment are in the optical, electronic and mechanical industries. The clean-room workbench can be tailored to meet customer needs and the required clean room class. In other words, the size, features and design of the workbench are adapted as required. As a rule, the unit is made from special aluminum profiles suitable for use in clean rooms. The side walls can be made from glass or acrylic glass, or the box can be surrounded by a strip curtain. A laminar flow module is then fitted at the top, which delivers class 5 clean room conditions inside the box. This corresponds to a mere 100 0.5 µm particles. Compared with an approximate particle count of 1 million per cubic
13-05-2020  |  182x  | 
Spetecs´ custom-built peristaltic pumps Spetec is a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps
Spetecs´ custom-built peristaltic pumps
Spetec is a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps Peristaltic pumps are referred to as hose or tube pumps because they are based on the principle of deforming a tube in order to create a suction effect. The task of a peristaltic pump is to transport fluids in a predefined direction. In this process, the tube is alternately compressed and released in order to suck the fluid that is to be transported into it. Due to this mode of pump action, peristaltic pumps are ideally suited for precision metering and continuous feed applications. The transported fluid does not come into contact with any moving parts. Peristaltic pumps can be equipped with between 1 and 6 channels depending on type. The number of rollers is a criterion contributing to a constant, low-pulsation flow rate. Depending on the size of the pump head and the tubing, it is possible to achieve flow rates from the µL/min through to the L/min range. For more than 30 years, Erding-based SPETEC has been designing and building peristaltic pumps for an enormous range
12-12-2019  |  495x  | 
High-quality tubing for diverse applications
High-quality tubing for diverse applications
Spetec GmbH has grown into one of the world's major manufacturers of peristaltic pumps, which are now produced both as made-to-measure units and as OEM versions in a wide variety of types. And one thing that these types of pumps always need is tubing. Peristalsis refers to the synchronous contraction of the muscles in hollow organs that propagates as a wave and transports the contents in a given direction. This is the way in which organs such as the human esophagus or intestine work, and they act in the same way as the pump tubing. In humans, hollow organs such as these are of exceptionally high quality, which often allows them to do their job reliably for 80 years or more. This is an indication of how high the quality of the tubing material needs to be in peristaltic systems in order to guarantee acceptable durability. This required decades of development, since the conditions of use were, and still are, so varied. And who should know better what degree of elasticity
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Product descriptions

CleanBoy® - Cleanest air in the smallest space CleanBoy® as a cost-effective and portable clean room alternative
CleanBoy® - Cleanest air in the smallest space
CleanBoy® as a cost-effective and portable clean room alternative A clean environment - i.e. free of particles and germs - plays an increasingly important role in various branches of industry such as the food industry, refinement, packaging as well as in science and research. Particularly in working areas where airborne dust particles can lead to manufacturing defects or poor quality and thus financial losses during the processing of products, it consequently seems necessary to set up clean rooms whose purchase and maintenance are associated with high costs. However, it is often not necessary to build such costly and technically complex rooms - it is often just sufficient to create clean room conditions for a certain sub-area only. Spetec`s cleanroom technology aims to remove particles with a diameter of 0.12 µm and larger in the narrowest of spaces, where the highest cleanliness standards must ensure a reliable process flow. Spetec`s mobile, ready-to-use cleanroom devices can be used in particular for the assembly or storage of
20-07-2020  |  148x  | 
Purity law for analytical laboratories
Purity law for analytical laboratories
The requirements in respect of cleanliness of laboratory environments have increased dramatically, particularly in the areas of industrial production, packaging and in analytical laboratories and research. A particulate-free, sterile environment is often crucial in such fields. For this reason, considerable amounts of money are often spent and enormous technical and building effort are invested in order to erect large clean rooms even though the cleanliness and purity required for the given application is only actually needed in certain areas of the laboratory. In particular, the requirements for cleanliness getting more important in analytical laboratories in particular, because the sensitivity of analytical instruments has undergone continuously significant improvement, so that it is no longer the analytical system alone that constrains the achievable detection limit, but also the purity of the chemicals and equipment used, such as pipettes and solvents. It is a fact
15-06-2020  |  278x  | 
A new peristaltic pump for atomic spectroscopy
A new peristaltic pump for atomic spectroscopy
Since German scientists Robert Bunsen (*1811 - †1899) and Gustav Kirchhoff (*1824 - †1887) have discovered, that the color of a flame changed once an element was introduced, atomic spectroscopy has developed into one of the most successful analytical methods, which is applied every day worldwide and routinely. Among the different methods in atomic spectroscopy both multielement methods ICP-MS and ICP-OES have been extremely successful for the analysis of liquids. Both are based on the same inductively coupled plasma source, either used as an emission or an ion source for mass spectrometry. For transport of the liquid sample peristaltic pumps are well established to overcome any change in the composition leading to changes in viscosity thus reducing matrix effects. The working principle is based on compression and relaxation of a trapped liquid volume in an elastic tubing, which is fixed in the pumping head and pressed against a curved pressure plate. By rotation of the
20-01-2020  |  484x  | 
CleanBoy® - How it works Spetecs clean room station
CleanBoy® - How it works
Spetecs clean room station The issue: The need for ever greater precision and sensitivity in analytical procedures means that the demands in terms of environmental conditions are becoming ever more exacting. For example, a normal laboratory atmosphere contains approximately 300,000 – 500,000 particles per cubic foot. These particles have a certain chemical composition that may invalidate ongoing research results or interfere with measurement results. They also lead to unwanted physical effects in production and research processes. One simple, cost-efficient solution is to store samples in clean room conditions. The solution: Spetec's CleanBoy® clean room station makes it possible to store samples in clean room conditions and create the optimum conditions for highly sensitive measurements in the field of elemental analysis. "CleanBoy" brings a practically particle-free atmosphere straight to any workplace where it is needed. Cleanness in the technical sense means classified clean room conditions.
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