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Latest update: 13-10-2020
Tosoh bioscience gmbH
TEL: 0049 6155 7043700
FAX: +49
Im Leuschnerpark 4
64347   Griesheim
Company brochure
Company brochure
Tosoh Bioscience is an acknowledged global leader in the field of liquid chromatography with a strong focus on bioseparations. We offer solutions for research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, environmental analysis, manufacturing and other industrial applications. Tosoh’s portfolio of over 500 specialty products encompasses a comprehensive line of media and prepacked HPLC columns for all common modes of liquid chromatography, including ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase, HILIC, size exclusion and affinity. We can help to analyze and purify any protein, peptide, nucleic acid, antibiotic, or small molecule. Based on the existing resins we are also able to develop customized products.

Our Toyopearl® and TSKgel® chromatographic resins and columns are renowned for their quality and reliability. For over thirty years our TSKgel SW-type columns continue to be the industry standard for size exclusion chromatography of proteins. In addition to chromatographic resins, Tosoh Bioscience manufactures instruments for gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The new EcoSEC system was designed to meet the market needs for high resolution, semi-micro GPC. In Europe EcoSEC is offered in cooperation with Polymer Standards Service (PSS), one of the leading companies for polymer characterization.

Tosoh Bioscience`s European operations are headquartered in Griesheim, Germany. Our technical support specialists provide assistance in developing an HPLC application or a purification method, in up-scaling, or packing a process column. Tosoh Bioscience offers chromatographic workshops, on-site training, and is the sole sponsor of the International Conference on Hydrophobic Interaction and Reversed Phase Chromatography (HIC/RPC).
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 TSKgel - Analytical Chromatography Columns
 TOYOPEARL - Process Chromatography Products
 EcoSEC - Gel Permeation Instrument
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GPC Application Notebook AMBIENT / High temperature / SEMI-MICRO
GPC Application Notebook
AMBIENT / High temperature / SEMI-MICRO Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a type of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) that separates molecules according to their hydrodynamic volume which is related to their molecular weight. The separation is based strictly on the size of the sample in solution, and there should be no interaction with the stationary phase of the GPC column. Elution order in GPC is that of an “inverse-sieving” technique, large molecules access a smaller pore volume than smaller molecules resulting in larger molecules eluting from the GPC column prior to the smaller molecules. GPC can determine several important parameters. These include number average molecular weight (Mn), weight average molecular weight (Mw), Z weight average molecular weight (Mz), and the most fundamental characteristic of a polymer, its molecular weight distribution. These parameters are important, since they affect many of the characteristic physical properties of a polymer. Differences in these parameters can
01-03-2020  |  672x  | 
Biopharmaceutical application notebook (U)Hplc analysis of biomolecules
Biopharmaceutical application notebook
(U)Hplc analysis of biomolecules High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and, increasingly, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) are the analytical workhorses of the pharmaceutical industry. All stages of the product’s lifecycle, from early development until production and stability testing need chromatographic analysis to characterize and quantify target molecules. Today, biopharmaceuticals are the fastest growing product segment of the pharmaceuti- cal industry. A thorough characterization of therapeutic biomolecules is a key task for the successful submission of data for regulatory approvals of new drugs, no matter whether biologic, biosimilar or biobetter. Quality control needs effective analytical tools that allow fast determination of critical quality attributes of the various kinds of biopharmaceuticals, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other therapeutic proteins. With new biophar- maceutical formats, such as bispecific mAbs, antibody fragments and antibody-drug-con-
01-03-2020  |  627x  | 
Bioprocessing application notebook Purification of biomolecules
Bioprocessing application notebook
Purification of biomolecules The purification and recovery of a biological target molecule out of a tissue, cell or fermentation broth - the so called downstream processing (DSP) - usually requires a combination of separation technologies. Bioprocess chromatography is the most important technique for this purpose. Today, biopharmaceuticals are the fastest growing product segment of the pharmaceutical industry. An effective and affordable purification of therapeutic biomolecules is key for the successful development and commercialization of new drugs, no matter whether biologic, biosimilar, or biobetter. With new biopharmaceutical formats, such as bispecific mAbs, antibody fragments and antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) in the pipeline, rapid development of DSP steps will become even more important. Toyopearl®, TSKgel®, and Ca++Pure-HA® process media are renowned for their quality, reliability, and productivity, and cover all modes of bioprocess chromatography, including affinity (AFC), ion exchange
01-03-2020  |  501x  | 
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