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TEL: +31 455338733
FAX: +31 455338794
Rötscherweg 61a
NL-6374 XW   Landgraaf
Global leader in ISO 17025 accredited (q)PCR calibrations

CYCLERtest is headquartered in The Netherlands and represented by qualified distributors worldwide. Its highly accurate calibration tools and services enable laboratories to monitor the performance of their thermo cyclers according to global quality requirements. All in order to generate reproducible, trustworthy and technical valid (q)PCR results.
CYCLERtest gained US Patent for Optical Calibration of qPCR cyclers
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Self service (q)PCR Calibration Calibrate your (q)PCR cycler yourself
Self service (q)PCR Calibration
Calibrate your (q)PCR cycler yourself It's very important to fully understand the performance of your (q)PCR cycler so that you're able to generate trustworthy and highly reproducible results. Therefore it's important to calibrate your (q)PCR cycler regularly. With the new self service calibration tools of CYCLERtest you can calibrate (q)PCR cyclers and incubators: •Whenever it suits you •In less than one hour •Cost efficient
09-04-2019  |  244x  | 
US patent optical calibration qPCR cyclers for CYCLERtest A major breakthrough for molecular diagnostics
US patent optical calibration qPCR cyclers for CYCLERtest
A major breakthrough for molecular diagnostics The US patent complements similar patents held by CYCLERtest in Europe and Japan. Breakthrough The traceable Optical Calibration tool and service is a major breakthrough for molecular diagnostics and life sciences. With this advanced technique variables in qPCR are monitored, minimized and become controllable. This gives laboratories a better understanding of the qPCR process and enables them to expand its capabilities. The superior method supersedes the, so far used, non traceable techniques as biological testing, crystal color changes and others. Combination The innovative technique is based on the traceable calibration of temperature, optical detection and light of (q) PCR cyclers (excitation and emission). A truly unique method since these components are not only detected and generated separately but also in relationship to each other. By doing so, the performance of the real-time thermal cycler is monitored and calibrated like never before.
04-01-2019  |  456x  | 
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