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Mr. Marcus Pattison
PEFTEC organiser
PEFTEC 2021, the 4th international conference and exhibition on testing and monitoring in oil, petrochemical, refining and environmental applications, will take place on 19-20th May at the Rotterdam Ahoy exhibition centre in the Netherlands.

PEFTEC 2021 (is a specialist event focusing on the testing, analysis and monitoring of gas, downstream oil products, chemicals and petrochemicals. With a comprehensive programme of conferences, seminars and an international exhibition, it will provide the latest guidance on regulations, methods, standards and technologies for analytical chemists, process scientists, researchers, academics, process operators, regulators, consultants, laboratory personnel and environmental managers.

PEFTEC 2021 has been expanded to include a full Process Analysis Conference, as well as the hugely popular Analytical Conference, and a full programme of technical Seminars.

The new larger Peftec exhibition will provide access to innovation from over 250 world-leading companies, many of which will be providing technical seminars during the event see for details.

The exhibition will offer a fantastic opportunity to not just see the latest technologies, but to discuss them with experts and meet with potential suppliers. This is vitally important because face to face meetings provide an opportunity to build trust, and people that visit exhibitions often remark that they found something they didnt know they were looking for. Many of the exhibitors will unveil new technologies at the event.

The Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) Conference will run alongside the PEFTEC event, with delegates from both events sharing the ability to peruse the PEFTEC exhibition.

Methane is an important Greenhouse Gas (GHG), absorbing significantly more energy than carbon dioxide for example, so it performs a major role in global warming. Furthermore, atmospheric methane concentrations rose during the decade from 2006 to 2016, so there is major concern about the sources of this increase and also with the monitoring methods. The methane measurement conference was therefore created to provide an opportunity for experts from around the world to share their experiences in the detection, monitoring and mitigation/prevention of methane emissions.

IMM and PEFTEC 2021 are a must go event for anyone involved with analytical chemistry, quality control, research, process development and control within the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. Entry to the Peftec exhibition and Seminar programme is free of charge for those that pre-register at The cost of admission to the PEFTEC and IMM Conferences will be published on the website.
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 PEFTEC - Conference, Exhibition & Seminars on testing, monitoring & analysis of oil, gas, petrochemicals, lubricants, refinery products and environment samples
 IMM - International Methane Measurement Conference
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