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Type Webcast
Duration An afternoon
Date 18-09-2019
Place online

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Webcast: A lims primer for the Cannabis Industry


Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL) continues the 2019 LIMS Webcast Series on Wednesday, September 18th with A lims primer for the Cannabis Industry. With the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses in a growing number of states in the US, and recently in Canada, the demand for cannabis testing services has grown significantly. As a result, laboratories are looking to LIMS solutions in helping address their requirements for efficient sample management, data quality and regulatory compliance.

Webcast Overview

This webcast will focus on the key factors involved in selecting the right LIMS for the emerging cannabis industry. Because cannabis is a controlled substance, there are additional unique requirements for tracking samples from “seed to sale” to ensure that cannabis products are properly tested for potency and contaminants. We will walk through those requirements as well as highlight the key LIMS features that will address some of the primary challenges faced by cannabis testing laboratories.

Topics Covered During the Webcast
*Current Challenges Faced by Cannabis Testing Laboratories
*Checklist: Requirements for Setting Up a Cannabis Lab
*Key LIMS Features for the Cannabis Industry
*Using the LIMS to Facilitate Regulatory Compliance From “Seed to Sale”
*Cloud vs. Premise-based LIMS: What is the Right Choice for My Laboratory?

Who Should Attend?

Recommended attendees include laboratory directors and managers, owners, and quality managers in the cannabis, agriculture and farming sectors. Also, investment and venture capital professionals looking at investing in the cannabis industry

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