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Type Conference
Duration An afternoon
Date 21-11-2019
Place Louvain La Neuve

Entry: Free (after registering)
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Conference @HOSPITAL4-0



The @hospital 4.0 conference
Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium
21 November from 1 to 6.30 pm.

The conference @hospital 4.0 gives you the chance to find out about the latest trends as well as the funding and digitalisation issues facing hospitals in Belgium. To tackle these many subjects, we offer you a concentrated format of lectures with a panel of experts: hospital CEOs and directors, financial directors, laboratory heads, IT managers, politicians and the heads of mutual insurance funds involved in the reform of health care to create a platform for debate and discussion. The debate and discussion will be in French.

The speeches and discussions among experts and visionaries during the conference will focus on two themes:

Funding & management ◦The consequences and impacts of the reform on a structural and
managerial level and as regards investment (network structure, budgetary constraints,
ambulatory shift, etc.)
◦ New paradigm: will hospitals be quoted on the stock exchange in the future?
◦ The new funding strategies to be adopted further to the reform
Digital transformation ◦Digitalisation, DPI, ehealth, smart and predictive diagnostics:
the priorities set and the strategies implemented
◦ The impact of new technologies on the role of the biologist and the care path

Five good reasons to take part in @hospital 4.0:

To stay abreast of digitalisation solutions in health care
To meet the visionaries and leading players in the field of health care
To take part in shock debates on hospital funding
To draw inspiration from experiences and innovative solutions
To benefit from concentrated information on current affairs in the sector

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