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29-09-2020 - 02-10-2020
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Type: Fair
Duration: 4 days
Starts: 29-09-2020
Ends: 02-10-2020
Place: Utrecht, Netherlands

Entry: Free (after registering)

WOTS 2020


World of Technology & Science is a chain of technology on one location. The five branches, Industrial Automation, Laboratory Technology, Industrial Electronics, Motion & Drives and Industrial Processing, join forces. Each branch has its own identity, themes and exhibition program.


Spetec GmbH

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A new peristaltic pump for atomic spectroscopy
A new peristaltic pump for atomic spectroscopy
Since German scientists Robert Bunsen (*1811 - 1899) and Gustav Kirchhoff (*1824 - 1887) have discovered, that the color of a flame changed once an element was introduced, atomic spectroscopy has developed into one of the most successful analytical methods, which is applied every day worldwide and routinely. Among the different methods in atomic spectroscopy both multielement methods ICP-MS and ICP-OES have been extremely successful for the analysis of liquids. Both are based on the same inductively coupled plasma source, either used as an emission or an ion source for mass spectrometry. For transport of the liquid sample peristaltic pumps are well established to overcome any change in the composition leading to changes in viscosity thus reducing matrix effects. The working principle is based on compression and relaxation of a trapped liquid volume in an elastic tubing, which is fixed in the pumping head and pressed against a curved pressure plate. By rotation of the
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Spetecs custom-built peristaltic pumps Spetec is a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps
Spetecs custom-built peristaltic pumps
Spetec is a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps Peristaltic pumps are referred to as hose or tube pumps because they are based on the principle of deforming a tube in order to create a suction effect. The task of a peristaltic pump is to transport fluids in a predefined direction. In this process, the tube is alternately compressed and released in order to suck the fluid that is to be transported into it. Due to this mode of pump action, peristaltic pumps are ideally suited for precision metering and continuous feed applications. The transported fluid does not come into contact with any moving parts. Peristaltic pumps can be equipped with between 1 and 6 channels depending on type. The number of rollers is a criterion contributing to a constant, low-pulsation flow rate. Depending on the size of the pump head and the tubing, it is possible to achieve flow rates from the L/min through to the L/min range. For more than 30 years, Erding-based SPETEC has been designing and building peristaltic pumps for an enormous range
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