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Job vacancy
19-06-2019  |  524x
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Elpis Biomed Ltd

Senior Scientist positions

Elpis BioMed, Cambridge Start Up of the year 2018

We are a rapidly growing University of Cambridge spin out aiming to become a defining force in the emerging field of synthetic biology as the leading global supplier of human cells for basic research, drug discovery, and cell therapy.
We have established a unique cellular programming technology that allows for unprecedented levels of speed, consistency and purity to generate mature human cells at scale from pluripotent stem cells.
As a team of individuals, we value science, collaboration, openness, curiosity and creativity. We are united by trust and respect for each other.

Your role in our team

To execute and lead our ambitious research programmes for developing novel human cell types, we are looking for highly motivated and skilled senior scientists to join our growing team. You will become a key player in the delivery of strategic research projects, involved in their design, the generation of experimental data and subsequent planning of further scientific development. You will be supervising junior and assistant scientists work towards project completion. This is an opportunity to join one of the best stem cell reprogramming labs and conduct research with a real-world impact. Your key responsibilities include:

*Delivering research programmes contributing to the design, experimental execution and reporting of experimental projects
*Working collaboratively and leading projects including supervision of junior and assistant scientists
*Developing new research ideas with the scientific, business and leadership teams
*Contributing to strategic collaborations with key opinion leaders
*Providing technical and scientific expertise by contributing to proposals, meetings, publications and business development activities
*Disseminating Elpis’ vision and research to external scientific and lay audiences

*… will join Elpis as a keen team player driven by a passion for scientific discovery and cell biology.
*… enjoy tackling research challenges through critical thinking, scientific rigour and inventiveness.
*… are comfortable working to tight timelines and managing workload and priorities.

Your practical research experience and excellent organisational skills will allow you to work independently, provide leadership on project execution, be productive and output driven whilst building efficient and positive collaborations with the wider team.

With essential experience…
*A minimum 3 year of post-doctoral experience in an area relevant to cell biology (or equivalent experience)
*Theoretical and practical knowledge in mammalian tissue culture
*Practical experience of in vitro cell differentiation systems from stem or progenitor cells
*Up-to-date techniques for phenotypic and functional characterisation of mammalian cells

… and possibly
*Theoretical and practical knowledge in haematology and/or immunology
*Experience in human pluripotent stem cell culture and biology
*Experience in mammalian cell genetic engineering (CRISPR, lentiviral vectors)
*Knowledge of up-to-date molecular biology technique

Elpis Biomed Ltd

Elpis Biomed Ltd

Date Posted: 2019-06-19

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