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News items October 2019

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Prevent cross contamination in (q)PCR Use tubes with single attached caps
Prevent cross contamination in (q)PCR
Use tubes with single attached caps You want to prevent cross contamination? Choose single (q)PCR tubes or 8-tube strips with single attached caps. The cap maximizes signals and minimizes optical area contamination. Save costs The clear version limits pipetting mistakes and easy content view. You can also save on reagent costs as the tubes enable reactions in as low as 5µl. Find details, options and order numbers in the product info sheet and order a sample.
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Streamline Your GC Workflow with Precision Hydrogen SL
Streamline Your GC Workflow with Precision Hydrogen SL
With Precision Hydrogen SL, Peak Scientific has engineered a state-of-the-art gas generator for labs requiring hydrogen gas to support their GC flame detector, creating a more streamlined solution for the lab’s workflow. Many labs performing GC-FID use hydrogen gas cylinders for their analyses. This has been the more traditional method of supplying laboratory grade gas to GC instruments and flame detectors. However, by switching to an on-site hydrogen generator, labs benefit from having the convenience of gas flow available 24/7. Producing hydrogen gas with a hydrogen generator means labs can have a consistent and dependable supply of gas. This way, analysists performing GC-FID will have peace of mind knowing there will be no disruption imposed on their analyses due to a gas supply shortage or a delay in a delivery – issues that can often occur when relying on gas cylinders. With Precision Hydrogen SL, Peak Scientific has engineered a state-of-the-art gas generator
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Shortfalls predicted in advanced bio-therapy progress
Bio-manufacturing capacity in China rising Frankfurt, 31st November 2019: CPhI Worldwide – the world’s largest pharma event, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany (5-7 November, 2019) – releases the third part of its annual report focussed on bio in China and advanced biologicals. The report highlights growing opportunities for CDMOs in cell and gene therapies, as well as the needed capacity expansions to meet China’s burgeoning demand. Two annual report experts, Michael E. Ultee of Ulteemit BioConsulting and Vicky Qing Xia of BioPlan Associates, outline their expert perspectives on the likely opportunities and challenges in the coming 5-years ahead. Ultee forecasts that manufacturing in biopharma is now entering a new age of advanced processes whereby the overall cost of production could potentially begin to fall. He added that in five-year’s time with the new processes now being applied, “manufacturing will become more efficient and cost savings will be delivered. Furthermore, economic pressure from biosimilars
31-10-2019  |  393x  |  Industry news
Europe to become largest biologics manufacturer by 2023
There is also a need for tighter quality controls in biosimilars production Frankfurt, 29th October 2019: CPhI Worldwide – the world’s largest pharma event, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany (5-7 November, 2019) – releases the second part of its annual report focussed on biologicals. In the report, experts Dawn Ecker, Director of bioTRAK® Database Services with BPTG (BioProcess Technology Group, BDO USA, LLP), and Emil. W. Ciurczak, President of Doramaxx Consulting, explore the near- and medium- term trends in the industry. Dawn M. Ecker, having analysed the global biopharmaceutical industry’s production, predicts that Europe will possess the world’s largest biologics manufacturing capacity within the next four years – a feat currently owned by the USA. Europe’s capacity is expected to increase by 15% come 2023. This growth is helping loosen capacity constraints in the continent in the short term. One of the key drivers behind the recent growth in building new capacity has been a number of notable government initiatives and tax incentives
29-10-2019  |  419x  |  Industry news
Paperless Lab Academy® 2020 – 8th edition: save the date
Paperless Lab Academy® 2020 – 8th edition: save the date
Turning your laboratory into a data-driven knowledge center is the objective and the key focus of the event, at its 8th European edition, on April 21 & 22, 2020 at the Lake Maggiore, Italy. Two days about laboratory data management, scientific data, quality & integrity. Two day full of knowledge sharing, introduction to the latest methodologies for data analytics, launches of new and innovative solutions, stimulating networking opportunities. The event is designed for QC & R&D laboratory managers, IT business partners, Quality and , production departments in sectors such as Pharma, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Biotech, Engineering and Service Lab. Isabel Muñoz-Willery and Roberto Castelnovo, owners of the consultancy firm NL42 Consulting and organizers of Paperless Lab Academy® - the international event that attracts more than 250 attendees between sponsors and visitors from all over Europe and beyond-, are in this time of the year busy planning the #PLA2020
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WuXi STA’s Jinshan Facility Passes EMA Inspection
October 28, 2019: STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (WuXi STA) – a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec – announced today that its Jinshan manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China has successfully passed an inspection by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) with no critical and no major findings. This demonstrates that as the trusted partner of global customers, WuXi STA can provide high quality GMP manufacturing services in compliance with global regulatory standards, to enable customers accelerate the development and manufacturing of new medicines for patients around the world. “It’s the first time that our Jinshan facility is audited by the EMA, with five auditors conducting a five-day inspection, spanning 11 products approved by the EMA in recent years. We continue to keep up a state of perpetual readiness across all our sites and actively welcome global regulators or client audits at any time. This is a direct testament to our organization’s culture of quality first, and real-time
28-10-2019  |  367x  |  Industry news
Required traceable calibration (q)PCR thermal cyclers
Required traceable calibration
(q)PCR thermal cyclers In accordance with the ISO 15189 standard for medical laboratories and ISO 17025 standard for testing laboratories any measurement equipment used for testing that has significant influence on the accuracy or validity of the test result needs to be calibrated to (inter)national standards (requirement of ISO 15189: 2012 and requirement 6.4.5 & 6.4.6 of ISO 17025: 2017). CYCLERtest offers a unique on-site calibration service. The advantages: •You meet the ISO 15189 or ISO 17205) quality requirements •The temperature calibration is traceable to international quality standards •You support reliable and reproducible (q)PCR results •The service applies to all models of all brands of thermocyclers and dry heating block incubators •Your equipment downtime is less than 40 minutes. Because we are independent of every thermal cycler manufacturer, CYCLERtest is the only qualified calibration laboratory in the world that can calibrate real-time PCR equipment under ISO
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High-quality tubing for diverse applications
High-quality tubing for diverse applications
Spetec GmbH has grown into one of the world's major manufacturers of peristaltic pumps, which are now produced both as made-to-measure units and as OEM versions in a wide variety of types. And one thing that these types of pumps always need is tubing. Peristalsis refers to the synchronous contraction of the muscles in hollow organs that propagates as a wave and transports the contents in a given direction. This is the way in which organs such as the human esophagus or intestine work, and they act in the same way as the pump tubing. In humans, hollow organs such as these are of exceptionally high quality, which often allows them to do their job reliably for 80 years or more. This is an indication of how high the quality of the tubing material needs to be in peristaltic systems in order to guarantee acceptable durability. This required decades of development, since the conditions of use were, and still are, so varied. And who should know better what degree of elasticity
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LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. expands with LabForRent
LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. expands with LabForRent
LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. strives for a world with a strong circular economy, in which companies get easy access to a total solution for furnishing their laboratory with high-quality and recycled material. For this, LabMakelaar offers a marketplace with a large range of second-hand laboratory equipment, furniture and general laboratory supplies. In order to achieve the objective of offering a total solution for laboratories, LabMakelaar Benelux has strengthened itself with LabForRent. Via the website, LabForRent offers a marketplace where laboratories can rent out lab space without intervention. LabForRent is the place where supply and demand for laboratories meet. The LabForRent website has recently been further aligned with developments in the international laboratory market: – The website is made entirely in English and – The number of presentations from laboratories that can be rented in the Netherlands and Belgium has greatly increased. At the same time,
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Lab Innovations 2019 opening for the business of science Record visitor pre-registrations and a sold-out exhibition floor
Lab Innovations 2019 opening for the business of science
Record visitor pre-registrations and a sold-out exhibition floor Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, will be opening its doors next Wednesday and Thursday, 30 & 31 October 2019, to a record number of visitors and exhibitors. With all exhibition space sold out at this award-winning laboratory exhibition showcase, visitors will have access to a huge range of the latest instruments and technologies, as well as learning about future-proofing and sustainable procurement of lab products. Supported by some of the UK’s top science institutions, it is now established as a key annual event for powering the business of science. Visitor registrations cover a variety of industry sectors and organisations including the NHS and MoD, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Pepsico, Müller, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, as well as academic institutions including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Registrants are already taking full advantage of the extensive networking opportunities offered by the show’s new Lab Connect
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MR Solutions’ new preclinical imaging PET/CT range on display at EANM ‘19
MR Solutions’ new preclinical imaging PET/CT range
on display at EANM ‘19 MR Solutions has launched a complete range of advanced PET/CT preclinical imaging systems at EANM ‘19, (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) last week in Barcelona. The range comprising four models, including a small benchtop PET/CT, can accommodate small animals up to 12 kg. The PET sub system is based on MR Solution’s proprietary clip on technology and is compatible with all of MR’s range of MRI systems – up to 9.4T - and CT systems. This does away with the need to buy two PET systems. The CT sub-systems are self shielded and have a zoom functionality allowing to reach 5 microns resolution. Fabrice Chaumard, MR Solution’s sales and marketing director commented, “We were quite stunned at the welcome our new range of PET/CT imaging systems received and are now following up not only leads but firm enquiries. Our multi-modality pre-clinical imaging systems are completely interchangeable and this is generating a lot of interest and excitement within the nuclear
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German pharma benefiting from a Brexit boost?
Germany consolidates itself as world leader in pharma according to the CPhI Pharma Index Frankfurt, 24th October 2019: Research conducted by CPhI Worldwide, the world’s largest pharmaceutical event (organised by Informa Markets and held at Messe Frankfurt, November 5-7), ranks Germany as Europe’s preeminent pharma industry. The data was drawn from the CPhI Annual Report and includes opinions from over 350 international pharma companies. The ‘CPhI Pharma Index’ is the only annually produced perception ranking of the world’s top performing countries. It provides vital insights into the world’s leading pharma economies across all attributes, and indicates which markets have the greatest business prospects and growth potential. The results see Germany consolidate its status as an elite pharmaceutical market, finishing ahead of its European rivals in API Manufacturing (7.88), competitiveness (6.48), innovation (7.49) finished product manufacturing (8.02), and growth potential (6.92). CPhI Worldwide is widely used as a barometer of pharma’s overall strength
24-10-2019  |  390x  |  Industry news
New Surface Area Reference Materials
Supporting Exemplary Quality Assurance in Routine Measurements Norcross, GA, USA – 22 October 2019 - Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in surface area measurement, has introduced new range of secondary standards which makes it easier to demonstrate the highest levels of data integrity when characterizing surface area by gas adsorption. Traceable to either NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) or BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) standards the new materials are particularly relevant for analysis in highly-regulated environments, such as the pharmaceutical industry. By routinely analyzing these highly stable, rigorously characterized standards, users of any gas adsorption system – Micromeritics or alternative vendor - can robustly validate instrument performance. “Gas adsorption systems generate surface area data from measurements of relatively simple parameters such as temperature and pressure and require minimal routine calibration,” said Tony Thornton, Director of Technical Information,
24-10-2019  |  244x  |  Industry news
DURAN Bottle System
DURAN Bottle System
The variety of duran® Laboratory bottles The DURAN® evolutionary process is, like all others, characterized by diversification and branching. At its core is the Original gl 45 laboratory bottle, made of borosilicate glass 3.3 with easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking, in fired-on, highly durable white ceramic. Borosilicate glass 3.3 is an attractive material that offers inexhaustible design possibilities. Very high chemical resistance, virtually inert behaviour, transparency, a high usage temperature, minimal thermal expansion and the resulting high resistance to thermal shock are its most significant properties. Since the introduction of the GL 45 laboratory bottle in 1972, DURAN® bottles have been consistently developed and improved. A broad range of high-quality products and systems is now available. The numerous variants and the comprehensive original equipment from DURAN® allow almost unlimited applications.
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Maximising Clinical Data MBioLIMS eCRF and RARENET*
Maximising Clinical Data
MBioLIMS eCRF and RARENET* The emerging need for personalised medicine now requires biobanks to adapt their processes and to add more data to the biospecimens collected. Easy access to sample-associated data and a standardised way to record this data is paramount to a quality biobanking service. Data that can be collected varies from a few data points to hundreds of patient fields such as medical history, familial history, pathologies, treatments etc. The embedded MBioLIMS BioBanking eCRF Module allows our clients to manage a large amount of clinical data alongside sample data, with the ability to query the data in a combined way. The eCRF form builder allows our clients the functionality to design their own eCRF forms to match their needs and replace paper-based or other questionnaires for different studies. In the latest version, the eCRF builder is fully integrated within MBioLIMS. Simple to use fields of different types such as text fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, date fields etc.
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Creative Diagnostics Launches Nano Secondary Antibodies
As a global leading supplier of of raw materials, antibodies, and reagents for bio-technology industry, Creative Diagnostics introduces nano secondary antibodies with high affinity and specificity for global researchers. The new nano secondary antibodies against rabbit and mouse IgG are now available, including Recombinant Alpaca Anti-Rabbit IgG monoclonal antibody, Recombinant Alpaca Anti-Mouse IgG2b Fc monoclonal antibody, and Recombinant Alpaca Anti-Mouse IgG3 Fab monoclonal antibody, which are fully validated to be applied in IP, ELISA, IHC, WB, recombinant VHH, and western blot. The nano secondary antibody offers increased sensitivity due to multiple binding to a single primary antibody. In addition, given secondary antibodies can be used with any primary antibodies with the same isotype and target species. Moreover, most primary antibodies are produced in just a few host animal species, making them economical to develop a relatively small number of ready-to-use
22-10-2019  |  402x  |  Industry news
'Pharma 4.0' forecasted and FDA needs to be more firm
Setting right objectives will be crucial in order for Pharma 4.0 to advance the industry Amsterdam, 21st October 2019: CPhI Worldwide – the world’s largest pharma event taking place in Frankfurt (5th-7th November 2019) – has released the first part of its eponymous 2019 Annual Report. Experts Bikash Chatterjee, President and Chief Science Officer at Pharmtech Associates and Girish Malhotra, President of EPCOT International discuss how manufacturing could be revolutionised by new technologies, but warn, that regulators must change to prevent hindering future innovation. Bikash Chatterjee forecasts a positive outlook for the medium and long-term future of the industry, foreseeing that Pharma 4.0, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence could ultimately deliver huge shifts in how we discover and develop medicines – even if the short term applications may not bring the results people are striving for. “There is no doubt we will see broader adoption of IoT on the shop floor and in the distribution portion of the supply chain in the short term.
21-10-2019  |  400x  |  Industry news
Lab Innovations 2019 showcases sustainability in the lab Source new technologies and future-proof your laboratory
Lab Innovations 2019 showcases sustainability in the lab
Source new technologies and future-proof your laboratory Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, will showcase at Birmingham’s NEC, 30 & 31 October, multiple options to help visitors future-proof their laboratories - from innovative products, to waste reduction (time included.) and sustainability. This focus is reflected in many of Lab Innovations’ key areas, including the Sustainable Laboratory zone, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Insights & Innovation and Live Lab theatres, as well as on the stands of numerous scientific exhibitors. Sustainable Laboratories - Research lab buildings can account for up to 70% of some universities’ carbon emissions, and consume 10 times more energy and at least four times more water [per unit area] than office spaces. So it is no surprise that the Sustainable Laboratory zone is Increased in size for Lab Innovations 2019, the Sustainable Laboratory zone will show visitors how even small improvements in technology, procurement and best practice can reduce
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Kitagawa gas detector tube system Gas Sampling System for over 400 gases and vapours
Kitagawa gas detector tube system
Gas Sampling System for over 400 gases and vapours The Kitagawa gas detector tube system is trusted by industries and laboratories worldwide to detect gases and vapours, simply and reliably, without the need for calibration effort or power supply. Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System - Lightweight, compact and easy to carry - Simple to operate for all personnel - An accurate reading obtained in a few minutes - Can be used in flammable atmospheres - Needs no calibration or power supply The System is an accurate and cost-effective spot gas detector sampling system, offering over 400 gas detector tubes, from Ammonia to Xylene. ** Special Starter Kit Offer ** - Kitagawa AP-20 Sampling Pump with integral sample time indicator, precision sampling, tube tip cutter and fragment container; - PLUS manual, carrying case and spares; - PLUS 5 boxes of standard gas detector tubes of your choice. Please ask us for more details.
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Finalists revealed for CPhI Worldwide 2019 Awards
Over 50 finalist entries will be competing for 13 awards London, 17th October 2019: CPhI Worldwide announces the finalists for the CPhI Pharma Awards. The shortlist spans 13 different categories across the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, including Formulation, Packaging and Lifetime Achievement Awards. The winners of the 16th CPhI Pharma Awards will be announced on the evening of the first day at CPhI Worldwide. The ceremony will take place in The Forum, Congress Centre Messe Frankfurt, Germany (November 5th 2019). This year’s judging panel – comprised of independent, senior industry experts – have carefully selected the finalists from all the received entries. Subsequently, the winners’ shortlist is packed with forty of the industry’s most innovative companies and individuals who are truly shaping the future of pharma. Since 2003, the CPhI Pharma Awards, powered by Informa Pharma Intelligence have focused on recognising innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, applauding pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical
17-10-2019  |  388x  |  Industry news
New laboratory products in the limelight at Lab Innovations Award-winning show to host new product introductions and first opportunities to see
New laboratory products in the limelight at Lab Innovations
Award-winning show to host new product introductions and first opportunities to see Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, will see a number of new product introductions at Birmingham’s NEC, 30 & 31 October. Many of the award-winning shows’ exhibitors will be launching or highlighting their very latest laboratory innovations, services and solutions - from general lab equipment and informatics, to larger scale industrial and cleanroom technology. 10% bigger than last year, the event will feature 160+ lab suppliers both large and small, exhibiting hundreds of cutting-edge products for all areas of the lab environment. With so many new products under one roof, Lab Innovations makes seeing, sourcing and procuring new laboratory technology simple for visitors, aided by features such as the Lab Connect meeting planner so they can make the most of their time at the show. In addition to visiting the exhibitors’ stands, visitors can find out more about the latest products and services in the Live Lab theatre, at the
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HPP270 Series for Bio-Decontamination Processes Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Measurement HPP270 Series
HPP270 Series for Bio-Decontamination Processes
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Measurement HPP270 Series The Vaisala Peroxcap® Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity, and Temperature Probe HPP270 series probes HPP271 and HPP272 are designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination where repeatable, stable, and accurate measurement is essential. HPP270 series probes are suitable for a variety of applications such as isolator, material transfer hatch, and room bio-decontamination. The new, basic probe option HPP271 is for measuring only H2O2 vapor concentration whereas the renewed advanced option HPP272 provides all the parameters you need to measure during bio-decontamination processes: hydrogen peroxide vapor, temperature, and humidity as relative saturation and relative humidity. Now also dew point and vapor pressure measurements are possible. The probes can be used with the optional Vaisala Indigo transmitters or as standalone probes. For easy-to-use access to configuration, calibration, and adjustment the probe can be connected to Vaisala Insight PC software. Features Superior
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Lab Testing Services at BOC Sciences: Quick, Convenient and
The past decade has witnessed an upsurging demand for lab testing. Whether it’s just a simple routine analysis of chemical and physical properties of compounds or specifying impurities, which is slightly more difficult, lab testing is necessary. Having long been known as a service provider for chemical synthesis, analysis and purification, BOC Sciences is now a leading practitioner in medicinal chemistry lab testing services. Owing to its state-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation, along with close collaboration with synthetic organic chemists, the lab testing service at BOC Sciences is always conducted in a quick, convenient, and cost-effective manner. With a clear understanding of testing purposes as well as the use of the most appropriate tools, some challenging testing problems has been resolved, which greatly contributes to the nationwide recognition of BOC Sciences’ competence in testing. “On the other hand, clients trust us because we are time-honored
14-10-2019  |  400x  |  Industry news
BOC Sciences Improves Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Particles
Having been serving the chemical industry for nearly two decades, BOC Sciences announces to continuously improve its Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nano/Micro Particles Preparation service, in order to help researchers engaged with chemotherapy study find a cure for some major diseases that are inflicting the human beings. At present, nanoparticles are widely used as facilitators for laboratory diagnostics and therapeutics in various biomedical applications. They are good drug delivery agents, and more importantly, have negligible side effects in cancer therapy. Among all types of nanoparticles, biocompatible superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles with proper surface architecture and conjugated targeting ligands have attracted universal attention for drug delivery applications. “Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles are composed of an iron oxide core surrounded by a hydrophilic polymer coating and are usually utilized as contrast agents for MR imaging. The combination
14-10-2019  |  349x  |  Industry news
Creative Peptides Adds Exclusive Section for Cancer Research
As one of the global leading peptide suppliers, Creative Peptides announced to add an exclusive section of peptides for researchers who are committed to exploring an effective solution for issues related to cancer research. Cancer, featured by abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread into other parts of the body, has now become the top one killer for human death among all diseases. Although chemotherapy and radiation therapy have already been widely used in cancer treatment, no effective cure with fewer side effects has been found. In the past few decades, peptides therapeutics began to bring a new hope for cancer therapy. “Recent study proves that peptides are actually promising reagents in cancer research for early diagnosis, prognostic predictors, and the treatment of cancer patients. In comparison with other therapies, peptides possess unique properties, making them superior in cancer research. For example, peptide vaccine has attracted increased
14-10-2019  |  360x  |  Industry news
Creative Peptides Diversified Pharmaceutical Peptide Service
Shirley, New York - On July 17, 2019, as one of the global leading peptide experts serving both clinical researches and academic researches, Creative Peptides announced to diversify its pharmaceutical peptides services for researchers and manufacturers who are engaged with drug discovery and development. Drug development pipelines have been dominated by small molecules, especially in the first century of the industry. However, the past decade has seen increasingly extensive application of peptides as drugs clinically. With the deepening research on peptides, their advantage of high biological activity, low toxicity and high specificity have been gradually recognized, making them ideal for becoming therapeutic drugs instead of just being used in biological functional analysis. “In fact, peptide attributes were originally considered troublesome with respect to drug development, but now they may turn out to be more convenient rather than unfavourable,” says Dr. Robert
14-10-2019  |  382x  |  Industry news
Why choose Peak Scientific's after sales support and service
Behind Peak’s gas generator products are years of innovating cutting-edge technology. But at Peak Scientific, we also have over two decades’ worth of experience in world-class after sales support and gas generator service for our customers across the globe. Offering customer service of the highest quality is one of our top priorities. That’s why our after sales support and gas generator service engineers are provided with regular in-house training. Stationed worldwide, our Peak field service engineers have in depth knowledge across the range of our products, enabling them to ensure a thorough gas generator service, no matter where you are located in the world. With fully certified field service engineers located in more than 20 countries, we’re able to provide local after sales support and gas generator service on a worldwide scale, backed by a global organisation specialised in gas generator solutions for labs. When manufacturing a gas generator, we know where each
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Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures On-line process & off-line laboratory analysis
Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures
On-line process & off-line laboratory analysis Analysis for petrochemicals and refining may require the use of liquid blends. The phase (liquid or gas) of a hydrocarbon is determined by the liquid/vapor equilibrium. Introducing hydrocarbon components into a mixture can affect the phase of the blend and result in technical limitations. Air Liquide has the knowhow to prepare liquid hydrocarbon mixture with guaranteed reliability and quality that duplicate the process stream being analyzed. Typical applications for hydrocarbon liquid mixtures * Monitoring feedstock streams for process. This may include standards with trace minor components at ppm or ppb levels. * Monitoring intermediate streams in a process. These blends often consist of several components, many of which could be present in percent levels. * Monitoring recycle streams in a plant process. Analyzers are used to determine how to adjust a downstream process to allow for the use of a recycle stream that may be changing. * Monitoring waste streams going
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Creative Diagnostics Now Launches Publication Reward Program
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents, Creative Diagnostics now launches Publication Reward Program for its customers to further support life science community. The program provides all bio-researchers with a $ 50 coupon for the mid-year purchase. Researchers who purchase and use products from Creative Diagnostics are encouraged to apply. With years of experience in the life science industry, Creative Diagnostics produces excellent quality antibodies,antigens, ELISA kits and critical assay reagents that can be used in various biology fields. For Antibodies, researchers can find primary antibodies with multiple forms of virtually every protein in the proteome at Creative Diagnostics, including cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. With this program, researchers can enjoy more
09-10-2019  |  379x  |  Industry news
Creative Diagnostics Launches Ti Magnetic Phosphopeptide Enr
With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, Creative Diagnostics recently releases novel MagIso™ Ti Magnetic Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kits for homogeneous enrichment of phosphopeptides prior to mass spectrometry analysis. These new kits have lots of advantages such as selective enrichment of phosphopeptides, higher reproducibility between experiments and labs, single step phosphopeptide and magnetic capture, fast chelation times, and improved phosphopeptide recovery. Protein kinases and phosphatases are often deregulated in disease, and pharmacological modulation of phosphorylation-dependent signal transduction is an active area of research. Compared to current strategies based on solid phase micro- and nano-particles, Creative Diagnostics’ MagIso™ Ti Magnetic Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kits demonstrate outstanding reproducibility, exceptional selectivity, fast chelation times, and high phosphopeptide recovery from complex mixtures. The
09-10-2019  |  403x  |  Industry news
Analysette 28 ImageSizer Fast analysis of particle shape and size
Analysette 28 ImageSizer
Fast analysis of particle shape and size The Fritsch analysette 28 ImageSizer for dry and wet measurement is the ideal Particle Sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size. The optical process of Dynamic Image Analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for particle size. The measuring time depending on the sample quantity, is under 5 minutes. And the result is available immediately. Your advantage: Great flexibility for different measurement tasks for particle sizes of 20 µm – 20 mm in quality control, research and laboratory – and is a very easy and cost-effective alternative to sieving. Easy wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions The Analysette 28 ImageSizer is in combination with the corresponding wet dispersion unit ideal for measurement of particle shape and size of suspensions and emulsions. Wet dispersion is particularly suitable for fine particles,
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Pepscan doubles GMP production capacity Production of GMP peptides for clinical studies phases 1 and 2
Pepscan doubles GMP production capacity
Production of GMP peptides for clinical studies phases 1 and 2 Pepscan announced that its GMP production capacity has doubled. Pepscan is an all-in-one partner in peptides, building on 25 years of experience in advancing and applying peptide expertise to facilitate clients in the development and production of peptides. The doubled GMP production capacity enables Pepscan to guarantee short production timelines. It also gives clients the benefit of collaborating with a single expert partner on the way from R&D to the clinic, resulting in maximum efficiency while also saving time. Specifically, researchers active in personalized peptide medicine, where both timelines and flexibility are key, will benefit from these new developments. Hans de Backer, CEO of Pepscan, explains the new capacity additions. "Earlier this year, we started producing GMP peptides for clinical studies phases 1 and 2, which made it possible to provide peptides for purposes beyond R&D: directly for the benefit of patients. Our new production line, consisting
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Material tests with Systec autoclaves Systec autoclaves for a wide range of applications
Material tests with Systec autoclaves
Systec autoclaves for a wide range of applications In addition to standard sterilization applications, Systec laboratory autoclaves are used in a wide range of other applications. Beyond the common procedures of the European pharmacopoeia, e.g. the Glass Test (for determining the hydrolytic resistance of pharmaceutical glass ware) and the Rubber Closure Test, these applications include a variety of special applications, such as material tests and the simulation of environmental conditions. In more detail, these special applications include processes for the simulation of ageing phenomena and moisture resistance. Examples given are the Pressure Cooker Test according to DIN EN 60749-33 and the HAST Test (highly accelerated stress test) according to DIN EN 60068-2-66. The Glass Test is a test method that examines the hydrolytic resistance of the inner surface of glass containers and eventually classifies them. This is done by determining the amount of sodium and other alkaline earth metals or oxides of alkaline earth that
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Transparent identification label for cryo samples Keep your samples identified through multiple freezing cycles.
Transparent identification label for cryo samples
Keep your samples identified through multiple freezing cycles. Keep cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes identified for optimal laboratory sample traceability with the B-7600 clear cryo label. Brady's new sample identification label allows visual sample contents checks and is part of a range of reliable laboratory sample identification solutions developed to prevent sample loss. - see sample contents: fully transparent to enable visual sample contents checks - keep samples identified: survives multiple cryogenic freezing cycles and does not crack, peel or degrade in liquid nitrogren, freezers, autoclaves or hot water baths - print in the lab: can be printed with BBP12, BradyPrinter i3300, i5100, i7100, BMP61, BMP71 and M611 with ribbon R6000HF and is compatible with lab label design apps in Brady Workstation
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Extremely flexible 96-well (q)PCR plate Complimentary with all your BIOplastics' orders
Extremely flexible 96-well (q)PCR plate
Complimentary with all your BIOplastics' orders If your number of samples vary, the extremely flexible and easily dividable 96-well (q)PCR plate comes in handy. You can easily cut this plate into any format you like. It improves ergonomics at work and guarantees ultimate reliable and reproducible PCR results. The coming weeks you will receive a low- and regular profile plate complimentary* with all your Bioplastics' orders. Try them out and share your experience with us and others. Start creating & have fun.
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Qiagen announces CEO leadership transition Thierry Bernard to act as interim CEO, working in tandem with CFO Roland Sackers
Qiagen announces CEO leadership transition
Thierry Bernard to act as interim CEO, working in tandem with CFO Roland Sackers Qiagen announced today that Peer M. Schatz, Chief Executive Officer, has notified the Company that, after 27 years at QIAGEN, he has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board. He will remain with the company as Special Advisor to the Supervisory Board and transition into this role in the coming weeks. The Supervisory Board will now start a search for a permanent CEO. In the meantime, Thierry Bernard, Senior Vice President, Head of Molecular Diagnostics Business Area, will now act as interim CEO and work in tandem with Roland Sackers, Chief Financial Officer. “It has been a tremendous privilege to serve as the CEO of Qiagen for such a long time. I am incredibly proud of the market and technology leadership that we have created and what our teams and partners have accomplished together,” said Peer M. Schatz. “Qiagen has contributed to modern molecular biology in a way very few companies have had the honor to do. We can build
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Build or renovate a laboratory?
Build or renovate a laboratory?
There is a lot involved when building or renovating a laboratory. Not every organization does this daily. That is why it always turns out to be quite a job to identify the right choices. What do you have to take into account when building or renovating a laboratory? LabMakelaar can help you with this. Whether it is a new laboratory to be built or a redesign of a laboratory. To help you on your way, we are happy to give you a few tips. Requirements, wishes and possibilities Before construction or renovation is started, it is necessary to map out the requirements, wishes and possibilities. Consider how much budget is available, what work processes are going to take place, what are the safety requirements, what equipment do I need, when must delivery be made, what is the capacity of the space, does it concern a new or existing construction and is my laboratory future-proof? Safety Naturally, the basic requirements for the space are leading. An important question here
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New Partnership – ANALIS & ASKION Automated Next-Generation Biobanking Systems
New Partnership – ANALIS & ASKION
Automated Next-Generation Biobanking Systems Analis is proud to announce its new partnership with Askion gmbH Askion is the leading provider of automated biobanking in the temperature range down to -185°C. The Askion c-line® system is a flexible, modular, and fully automatable Next-Generation-Biobank system solution specifically designed to meet all the present and future demands on cryo-technology and biobanking. Contact our specialists Filip Hendrickx & Ron Roobroeck.
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New partnerships – Disinfection solutions Analis - Novareus - Decon-X
New partnerships – Disinfection solutions
Analis - Novareus - Decon-X Contaminated hospital surfaces play an important role in the transmission of dangerous pathogens, including Clostridium difficile, and antibiotic-resistant organisms such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE). Appropriate disinfection of those surfaces and equipment’s, which patients and healthcare personnel touch, is necessary to reduce exposure. In that light, disinfection programs becomes a priority for each hospital. With Hymetec (surface disinfection solutions via H202), Novaerus (air disinfection – destroying pathogens in the air with the patented ultra-low energy plasma technology) and Decon-X International AS (a new high-tech fully automated disinfection system using H202), Analis offers the medical community an expanded range of disinfection equipment. In addition, Analis offers a professional advice to choose the right solution for your disinfection problems in order to reduce nosocomial infections.
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Precision weighing cabinet Powder weighing
Precision weighing cabinet
Powder weighing Precision and security in the investigation Cruma presents its new cabinet for ultra-precision weighing with total protection for the worker and the environment during the handling of substances developed in research laboratories. Working with extremely toxic substances is no longer a problem for the laboratory personnel thanks to the filtering system* of highest safety as well as the fi lter change of our new Cruma W-2 cabinet. Sensitive microbalances require a protected and vibration-free environment against air currents. Cruma W-2 guarantees a precise and safe work environment when dealing with highly- active substances, while providing excellent ergonomics and comfort. The work surface is isolated from any vibration thanks to its anti-vibration system* that allows calibrating with accuracy and speed any balance of up to 6 digits. Its ergonomic design and functionality meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. *Pat pending Safety for working with highly-Active
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In-tube or in-well thermal cycler calibration method Comparison of temperature dynamics
In-tube or in-well thermal cycler calibration method
Comparison of temperature dynamics During the 19th International Metrology Congress in Paris, CYCLERtest presented a comparison between an in-tube- and in-well thermal cycler calibration method. Preferred method The study - performed with BIOplastics’ tubes - showed that it is feasible to develop an in-tube method with a low measurement uncertainty. However, due to the large impact of the tube-to-well fit on the measurement uncertainty and the large variability between tubes, it is not practical to use in-tube methods for metrology purposes. An in-well thermal cycler calibration method is therefore the preferred option. Read all about the research in the abstract Comparison of temperature dynamics of various thermal cycler methods.
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SIRIO Group's new one-stop platform for plant-based products SIRIO Group introduces one-stop-platform for plant-based nutraceuticals at SupplySide West
SIRIO Group's new one-stop platform for plant-based products
SIRIO Group introduces one-stop-platform for plant-based nutraceuticals at SupplySide West Asia, Europe & The United States, 2 October, 2019: Ahead of SupplySide West, Sirio Pharma [Booth # 4958] – the nutraceutical contract development, innovation and manufacturing organization (CDIMO) – unveils full spectrum of one-stop-services for all plant-based products and announces plans for 2020. The company is using the event to actively promote its integrated solutions in plant-based nutraceuticals. Sirio offers plant-based solutions across all dosage form platforms. The Sirio Group is able to rapidly develop customer products across the entire spectrum of delivery formats – including gummies, softgels, and tablets. The company also offers organic softgels at Ayanda’s European site – a Sirio Group company – with plans underway to get organic certification across all sites. “What you see in the wider market are some contract providers across formats such as tablets and softgels working on plant-based solutions here and there. Sirio is leading the market delivering
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Vaisala viewLinc 5.1 now with Enterprise Server Software Vaisala brings extended device integration to its continuous monitoring system
Vaisala viewLinc 5.1 now with Enterprise Server Software
Vaisala brings extended device integration to its continuous monitoring system Vaisala brings extended device integration to its continuous monitoring system with the new viewLinc 5.1 Enterprise Server Software The Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system is one of the most trusted solutions in continuous monitoring in life science and other demanding industries. The viewLinc monitoring system assures product quality in applications where continuous monitoring is critical, such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, biotechnology, distribution, semi-conductor manufacturing and healthcare. The new enhanced viewLinc Enterprise Server Software version 5.1 ensures improved interoperability with other systems, integration of a wider range of devices with viewLinc, and more flexible alarming. It now also incorporates direct Modbus connectivity. “With viewLinc’s new Modbus capability, viewLinc 5.1 can include unlimited parameters,” said Vaisala’s Product Manager Steven Bell. “It simplifies the system structure and is an enormous time-saver
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Nature reports that MR Solutions’ preclinical imaging system Helps researchers better understand ageing processes
Nature reports that MR Solutions’ preclinical imaging system
Helps researchers better understand ageing processes Research published in Nature by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science (KAIST) found that lymphatic vessels in the scull involved in the clearance of cerebrospinal fluid often become compromised with age. This finding was only possible through advances in imaging technology. Using MR Solutions’ 3T/17 preclinical liquid-helium free MRI system the KAIST researchers observed how the meningeal lymphatic vessels (mLVs), mainly in the basal part of the skull, are involved in the clearance of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). They found that, as people age, the integrity of the mLVs and subsequent CSF drainage is impaired. The team’s findings are helping to better understand how these mLVs contribute to the neuropath physiological processes that are associated with the ageing process. The full research findings have been published in the scientific journal Nature, August 2019. Professor Sung-Hong Park, Associate Professor of Bio and Brain Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute
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Fluidic showcases protein analysis expertise across Europe New technologies for protein analysis to be presented at multiple events throughout Europe
Fluidic showcases protein analysis expertise across Europe
New technologies for protein analysis to be presented at multiple events throughout Europe Cambridge, UK – Fluidic Analytics Ltd, a pioneer in protein analysis and the company behind in-solution diffusional sizing, will attend a number of events this Autumn to showcase its revolutionary technology for studying protein interactions. At each event across Europe, the team will present data from its pre-release instrument – the Fluidity One-W – which allows researchers to assess on-target protein interactions in solution and even in crude biological backgrounds. The Fluidity One-W opens up the possibilities for detailed protein analysis in near-native states and natural environments, providing researchers with accurate and complete protein interaction data. Its ability to generate absolute size measurements through the proprietary method of microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) ensures confidence in the data collected and allows users to control for off-target binding and false positive measurements. Detailed protein interaction information including binding
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