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News items November 2019

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A successful Lab Innovations 2019
A successful Lab Innovations 2019
The Lab Innovations tradeshow in Birmingham was a super hit for Eusoft. Big thanks to our great crew on site and to all wonderful visitors who came to our booth. We hope you were pleased with what you saw and we invite you to contact us should you require further information about Eusoft.Lab LIMS:
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Book on Safe Work Behaviour published Translation of the book 'De eerstelijns leidinggevende en veilig werkgedrag'
Book on Safe Work Behaviour published
Translation of the book 'De eerstelijns leidinggevende en veilig werkgedrag' Syntax Media has released The first-line supervisor and safe work behaviour, by Juni Daalmans. This book is an English translation of Daalmans' book De eerstelijns leidinggevende en veilig werkgedrag. The fact is, the concept of Brain Based Safety which the author has developed is enjoying increasing interest abroad. This method translates recent knowledge of the brain into the encouragement of safe behaviour within organisations. This practical book describes the role of the first-line supervisor in the advancement of safe behaviour at work. As the link between the work floor and management, the first-line supervisor – of all parties – is the one who has the most influence on the behaviour of employees. His or her influence is described in the form of seven competencies, using a case which has been written on the basis of facts. You can best compare these seven competencies with dials, which you as a first-line supervisor can 'turn' to influence an employee's behaviour. From
28-11-2019  |  442x  |  Industry news  | 
Turn up the Volume with Corning Elplasia® Plates
Turn up the Volume with Corning Elplasia® Plates
Their microcavity technology simplifies high volume spheroid production and lets you generate and culture thousands of spheroids per plate under uniform culture conditions for more than 21 days. With the effectiveness of 3D spheroids in many areas of research including anti-cancer drug screening and in vitro tumor studies, the need for better methods to produce replicate spheroids of uniform size in mass quantities has emerged. Corning Elplasia plates address this need by enabling researchers to generate a high density of spheroids in a scaffold-free model using microcavity technology. Use Corning Elplasia plates to generate, culture, and analyze hundreds to thousands of spheroids all in a standard plate footprint. Corning Elplasia plates are available in multiple formats, two well geometry types, and two surface coatings. Elplasia plates are compatible with many cell types and may be used across many applications including; drug screening, including high throughput
28-11-2019  |  520x  |  Product news  | 
Largest ever CPhI Worldwide forecasts pharma success in 2020
The event identified key trends that will affect the industry heading into the new year Frankfurt, 25th November 2019: CPhI Worldwide closed its doors on its landmark 30th edition at the Messe Frankfurt, with pre-audit figures showcasing a record total attendance of 48,961 – 84% of which were international. This year’s event saw a number of key indicators pointing to a strong year ahead for pharma in 2020. CPhI Worldwide is widely recognised as a barometer of pharma’s overall health – with the addition of BioProduction it is the only platform to cover all parts of the industry supply chain – and a strong event is reflective of a prosperous pharma sector. Emphasizing the current strength of the global industry, CPhI Worldwide’s own Pharma Index – an aggregated confidence score across all aspects of pharma in the largest economies – rose by 2.48%. In total, the event saw more than 170 countries represented, with 20 country pavilions, and 100+ content sessions spanning six different major events: CPhI Worldwide (ingredients), ICSE (contract services), P-MEC
26-11-2019  |  516x  |  Industry news
Record breaking numbers for Lab Innovations 2019 2020 show set for 4 & 5 November with 84% of stand space already rebooked
Record breaking numbers for Lab Innovations 2019
2020 show set for 4 & 5 November with 84% of stand space already rebooked Lab Innovations celebrated its 8th edition on 30 & 31 October 2019, trumping all records for the event. Attracting 3,860 attendees - an impressive 24% increase on the previous year - this makes it the largest Lab Innovations to date. Over 160 exhibitors displayed a diverse and innovative product offering to visitors from more sectors than ever before, emphasising the event’s place as the UK’s largest annual trade exhibition dedicated to the entire laboratory industry. Returning once more to Birmingham’s NEC, with lab procurement decision makers making up 75% of those in attendance, Lab Innovations 2019 was clearly an event driving the business of science. It saw an increase in lab managers of 9%, scientists 9%, procurement managers 32%, chemists 65% and lab technicians 24%; demonstrating a true hunger for future-proofing laboratories across the UK. Josh Chapman, Managing Director, Scientific Laboratory Supplies emphasised the growth and quality of professionals,
26-11-2019  |  407x  |  Industry news  | 
Save time with immediate response & solid advice
Save time with immediate response
& solid advice At BIOplastics we wish to satisfy all our clients with high quality products and services. If you’re looking for sound advice or you encounter an issue, give us a call. You will not receive an answering machine. We will not send you from pillar to post and you’re not redirected to a Q and A list. Instead, we will personally handle your question or remark immediately. You can count on a substantiated response. Cutting manufacturing defects We are in control of the manufacturing process and can trace your order in detail. Each order has a unique code so we know: •Selling & shipping date •Manufacturing & packing date •Used equipment & inspector •Used composition & extruder •Quality control & lab data •……… This way we cut manufacturing defects and can solve all matters you might have. Any questions? Give us a call Looking for substantiated advice regarding (q)PCR? Call us on +31 45 533 8750
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India to grow strongly in 2020 as CPhI & P-MEC India opens
High confidence in Indian pharmaceutical industry ahead of largest ever CPhI & P-MEC India Amsterdam, 22nd November 2019: CPhI & P-MEC India – organised by Informa Markets – is set to open its doors to more than 43,000 attendees from 120 countries and 1,500 exhibitors, as new analysis shows a massive improvement in India’s global reputation. The India-specific findings of the CPhI Annual Report highlight the significant jumps made by the country in many categories. India showed the largest gains in terms of ‘perceived growth potential’ and ‘biologics knowledge’, proving that industry efforts to align standards more closely with the USA and Europe, as well as growth in biosimilars, have clearly been noted. But perhaps most significantly, these efforts are also being transferred into a reported increased confidence in outlook for 2020. According to the Report, India is rated as having the second highest overall growth potential of any market globally. What’s more, it also boasts the second-best score for ‘competitiveness’, and a separate report by IBEF has
22-11-2019  |  449x  |  Industry news
LabMakelaar turns Black Friday into Green Friday
LabMakelaar turns Black Friday into Green Friday
Friday, November 29 is "Black Friday". A day that many people see as the perfect moment for Christmas shopping due to high discounts. LabMakelaar Benelux also sees Black Friday as a dark day for the climate. Over-consumption has a major impact on the environment. In addition to the use of raw materials and the use of fossil fuels for production and worldwide transport, the mountain of waste is also increasing due to "bad bargain". And they are lurking even more during Black Friday because of these high discounts. To be able to do something back for our planet, at LabMakelaar it's not Black Friday, but "Green Friday". We don't give (extra) discounts on this day, but we give trees. For every € 250,- we generate in sales on Friday November 29, we plant a tree during the Dutch national tree day, March 18 2020*. You contribute to corporate social responsibility, we plant the trees. In this way we keep our earth green and healthy together. After all, you realize a strong
21-11-2019  |  375x  |  Industry news  | 
Micromeritics introduces the Selective Adsorption Analyzer
Delivering precise performance characterization for next generation adsorbents Norcross, GA, USA – 29 November 2019 Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has introduced the new Selective Adsorption Analyzer 8100 (SAA-8100), a flexible gas delivery and management system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process relevant conditions. Combining Micromeritics’ widely recognized knowledge of gas adsorption with the tried and tested technology of PID Eng and Tech, a company recently acquired by Micromeritics and renowned for its microreactor and pilot plant technology, it delivers reliable, selective adsorption data for gas/vapor mixtures by mass balance. A highly efficient tool for evaluating the performance of next generation adsorbents, the SAA 8100 is particularly valuable for researchers working in fields such as gas separation, storage and purification, carbon dioxide capture and energy storage. Adsorbents are defined by their selectivity and capacity for a specific
21-11-2019  |  325x  |  Industry news
New in situ Catalyst Characterization System
Direct assessment of the impact of reaction conditions on critical catalyst properties wi Norcross, GA, USA – 24 October 2019 Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has launched the new in situ Catalyst Characterization System (ICCS) to deliver novel test capabilities for the reliable and industrially representative investigation of catalyst behavior. By integrating seamlessly with the Microactivity Effi, an advanced catalyst screening system, the ICCS allows researchers to quantify the impact of reactions on defining catalyst parameters such as number of active sites. Results directly support the development of more effective heterogeneous catalysts. The ICCS incorporates mass flow controllers for fully automated precise gas control and a cold trap for the removal of condensable vapors. A precision thermal conductivity detector monitors changes in the concentration of gases flowing into and out of the sample reactor. The ICCS can be connected to any microreactor testing system, even custom-made units, to
21-11-2019  |  350x  |  Industry news
New Surface Area Reference Materials
Supporting Exemplary Quality Assurance in Routine Measurements Norcross, GA, USA – 22 October 2019 - Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in surface area measurement, has introduced new range of secondary standards which makes it easier to demonstrate the highest levels of data integrity when characterizing surface area by gas adsorption. Traceable to either NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) or BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) standards the new materials are particularly relevant for analysis in highly-regulated environments, such as the pharmaceutical industry. By routinely analyzing these highly stable, rigorously characterized standards, users of any gas adsorption system – Micromeritics or alternative vendor - can robustly validate instrument performance. “Gas adsorption systems generate surface area data from measurements of relatively simple parameters such as temperature and pressure and require minimal routine calibration,” said Tony Thornton, Director of Technical Information,
21-11-2019  |  378x  |  Industry news
Concordia University picks Micromeritics TriStar II for MOFs
Researchers at Concordia University Pick Micromeritics for High Throughput Metal-Organic F Researchers designing and synthesizing new metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) at Concordia University, Canada are benefiting from high throughput surface area and porosity characterization with a Micromeritics TriStar II Plus automated, three-station gas adsorption system. A key focus for the group is rare earth MOFs with potential for wastewater clean-up and luminescence-based hazardous chemical detection. “Surface area and porosity are defining characteristics of a MOF,” said Dr. Ashlee Howarth, Assistant Professor at Concordia University. “So, we need to be able to measure them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The TriStar runs 3 samples at a time, generating full data sets in 7 to 8 hours. This is extremely fast and means a same day result for my students; with some systems it would take 24 hours to run just a single sample. The ability to run three samples at once is really useful for confirming the reproducibility of a preparation method." MOFs are an exciting
21-11-2019  |  390x  |  Industry news
Plansifter for smallest throughputs Siftomat mini
Plansifter for smallest throughputs
Siftomat mini The Siftomat mini by FUCHS Maschinen AG has been designed for sifting small batches of bulk material of all kinds. Its extremely compact construction is ideal for laboratories, pilot plants and for small productions. The functioning is identical to that of the big Siftomat plansifter. An eccentric drive makes the sieves swing in a plane eccentric movement. Blending is carried out extremely gently and has a positive impact on the sifting quality. The sieve housing being extremely quickly disassembled for sieve replacement or product change, the plansifter is ideal for contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical products or food stuffs, from which at least the product wetted parts of the machine have to be cleaned extremely often. The machine parts to be cleaned are very light and they can be very easily handled by the responsible collaborators. The Siftomat mini plansifter is available with one or two sieve decks, whereas all product wetted parts are made of stainless
21-11-2019  |  395x  |  Product description  | 
WuXi STA Forms partnership with Impact Therapeutics
The partnership will see the CDMO develop IT's anti-cancer drugs pipeline 11/18/19: STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (WuXi STA) – a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec – and Impact Therapeutics, a biotech focused on innovative drug discovery and development in anti-cancer therapeutics, announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, WuXi STA will become the preferred Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) partner of Impact Therapeutics, providing services covering the entire product development process of Impact’s pipeline new drug candidates for both drug substance and drug product. The new partnership will accelerate Impact Therapeutics’ new pipeline drug development towards commercialization both in China and in the US. Impact Therapeutics holds independent intellectual property rights for a diverse anti cancer therapeutics drug pipeline that includes PARP Inhibitors (IMP4297), Wee1 Inhibitors (IMP7068), DDR target Inhibitors and Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors (IMP5471). Currently, IMP4297
21-11-2019  |  383x  |  Industry news
Breakthrough protein analysis instrument launches at PEGS EU Accurate, detailed protein interactions analysis under near-native conditions
Breakthrough protein analysis instrument launches at PEGS EU
Accurate, detailed protein interactions analysis under near-native conditions Fluidic Analytics Ltd, experts in protein analysis and the company behind in-solution diffusional sizing, launches a breakthrough innovation at PEGS Europe Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit (18-22 November 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal) on stand 233. The new Fluidity One-W is set to revolutionize protein interaction analysis, with the ability to accurately assess on-target protein interactions in solution, even in complex backgrounds. Advancing the field of comprehensive protein analysis, this cutting-edge device can analyze protein interactions in crude biological backgrounds—such as cell lysates or blood plasma—using a brilliantly simple set-up that saves valuable research time. The Fluidity One-W can be used to confidently collect accurate and reliable protein interaction data thanks to the company’s proprietary microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) technology. The One-W can deliver both binding affinities and highly sought-after stoichiometry information from a
20-11-2019  |  381x  |  Industry news  | 
Tecan launches Cavro® Magni Flex for next generation automat
Tecan unveiled its new Cavro® Magni Flex OEM robotic liquid handling instrument development platform at this year’s AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. This modular and scalable solution is intended for low to medium throughput workflows, offering the flexibility and functionality to quickly and easily create innovative automation systems for virtually any life sciences application, from immunoassay processing to molecular diagnostics. The Cavro Magni Flex provides the core robotic architecture for the development of complete automation solutions, with a highly configurable workdeck designed to accommodate a wide range of labware formats and devices to meet specific workflow requirements. A variety of carriers, cutouts and custom grids are available to create any number of layouts, and the system is available with a choice of two, four or eight independent pipetting channels. The platform’s liquid handling arm offers variable tip spacing capabilities
15-11-2019  |  442x  |  Industry news
Creative Diagnostics Announces Silica Magnetic Particles
With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, Creative Diagnostics now launches the DiagNano™ silica magnetic particles for researchers, which can be used for nucleic acids isolation and purification though the DNA/RNA-silica interaction method. The new silica magnetic particles are also available with functional protein ligands (avidin, streptavidin, protein A, albumin) or biotin. They can be offered with the nickel(II) chelator nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) or be ready to use with the corresponding nickel complex (Ni-NTA) for the binding of histidine labeled proteins. These new magnetic particles are produced by hydrolysis of orthosilicates in the presence of magnetite and have a hydrophilic surface with terminal Si-OH-bonds and can easily be separated with conventional permanent magnets. They are extremely stable in organic solvents and at high temperatures. Silica coating not only contributes to the improved stability and prolonged shelf-life
15-11-2019  |  391x  |  Product news
(q)PCR Supply chain (e)quality Better be safe than sorry
(q)PCR Supply chain (e)quality
Better be safe than sorry We all want to enjoy a wonderful meal and drink a glass of tap water to quench our thirst without having to worry about safety. The same counts for the diagnosis we receive from a laboratory test. Entire supply chain focuses on quality Therefore our commitment to quality is not restricted to our products and services. The highest standards are achieved when the entire supply chain focuses on quality, from manufacturers of thermal cyclers through distributors to end-users. End-users play the most important roll to ensure reliable (q)PCR results. After all: any lack of attention to reliability can have negative implications. All parties involved comply with certain regulations to combat problems, concentrating on preventing instead of curing them. By doing so, the highest quality level is met. What is done? * Distributors control the quality of thermal cyclers with MTAS calibration tools to meet specifications * End-users control the quality of their thermal cyclers
15-11-2019  |  805x  |  Industry news  | 
What is a smart measurement probe and what makes it special? The smart world is here to stay
What is a smart measurement probe and what makes it special?
The smart world is here to stay Smart devices, smart cars, smart buildings, and smart factories are becoming increasingly common. But what does “smart” really mean? While each smart object may have its own unique features, they share some basic characteristics. As the name indicates, smart objects typically have some sort of intelligence in the core design. They are usually connected to other devices or networks and can operate interactively and autonomously. Remote external access for service, operation, or analytics is also common. Sometimes the term “smart” can also refer to devices that have artificial intelligence built in. What is a smart measurement probe? Environmental measurement devices are also becoming smart. Unlike in the past when measurement probes could not be used on their own, the new wave of smart measurement probes can operate independently without additional transmitters. When the measurement intelligence is built into the probe, it may be able to operate independently and
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NEW Variable Speed Rotor Mill Pulverisette 14 premium line Efficient pre- and fine grinding in one instrument with impact or cutting rotor
NEW Variable Speed Rotor Mill Pulverisette 14 premium line
Efficient pre- and fine grinding in one instrument with impact or cutting rotor The Fritsch variable Speed Rotor Mill Pulverisette 14 premium line offers impact, shearing and cutting comminution in one instrument – with a higher performance, better cooling and significantly quieter than comparable instruments. Its powerful motor is ideal for the particularly fast comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle as well as fibrous materials and temperature-sensitive samples with an extremely fast sample throughput, which can be further increased by the use of the Fritsch cyclone separators. Overview of the features: - Powerful grinding with 22,000 rpm for particularly fast sample throughput - Max. feed size < 15 mm, sample throughput of up to 15 l/h and more - AutoLOCK grinding chamber for particularly safe work - Final fineness down to d50 < 40 μm, sieve rings 0.08 – 6 mm - Particularly good cooling of the grinding material - Pleasantly quiet operation - Very easy to clean due to Clean Design FRITSCH premium-Plus: Two instruments
15-11-2019  |  396x  |  Industry news  | 
MR Solutions’ preclinical imaging systems
Significantly reduce environmental impact Environmental impact is becoming a significant factor in the selection of suppliers even in preclinical imaging. The introduction of liquid helium free, high-end MRI systems by MR Solutions substantially reduces the environmental impact when compared to competitor units. The key factor is dispensing with the liquid helium bath which cools the magnet down in traditional systems to minus 269°C when it becomes superconducting and boosts the power of the magnet. Helium is becoming increasingly scarce on Earth, despite being the second most common element in the universe, as it leaks away into space. Most helium is created by the natural radioactive decay of heavy radioactive elements such as thorium and uranium, and is often found with natural gas from which it is extracted commercially. Liquid helium cooled, high field MRI systems require up to several hundred litres of liquid helium as well as ongoing top ups as it is impossible to stop the gas leaking away. Another
15-11-2019  |  417x  |  Industry news
Autoscribe Highlights LIMS Configurability at Lab Innovation Stand H6, Lab Innovations, NEC, Birmingham, UK, October 30 - 31, 2019
Autoscribe Highlights LIMS Configurability at Lab Innovation
Stand H6, Lab Innovations, NEC, Birmingham, UK, October 30 - 31, 2019 Known for its highly configurable LIMS solutions, Autoscribe Informatics will be putting the latest version of Matrix Gemini LIMS through its paces at Lab Innovations 2019. Visitors to the Autoscribe Informatics stand will be able to challenge the Autoscribe staff to configure a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) sample registration/submission screen in Matrix Gemini there and then. Matrix Gemini’s unique graphical configuration tools provide the flexibility to configure the Matrix Gemini LIMS to meet the specific needs of any laboratory workflow without the need for custom programming. “We’re encouraging visitors to bring examples of their sample registration process to our stand and we’ll demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to create a sample registration or submission screen that is specifically relevant to their needs”, commented Autoscribe’s Managing Director, Steve Boother. Seeing a ‘real life’ configuration process carried out on the exhibition
14-11-2019  |  392x  |  Industry news  | 
Innovations in the field of autoclaves at the Systec booth Together with Evidencia GmbH, Systec presents autoclaves & validation processes at MEDICA
Innovations in the field of autoclaves at the Systec booth
Together with Evidencia GmbH, Systec presents autoclaves & validation processes at MEDICA Together with Evidencia GmbH, Systec presents autoclaves & validation processes at MEDICA 2019. First demonstration of the new Systec H- Series with the Systec HX-150 autoclave. The world's most important trade fair for the medical industry will once again be held in Düsseldorf this year: from 18th to 21st November, emerging companies will present their technologies and processes at Medica 2019. Of course, Systec, the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves, and its partner company Evidencia GmbH will again be part of the action this year. While Evidencia will introduce innovative concepts for qualifying and validating equipment and sterilization processes, there is particularly eager anticipation this year at Systec of the launch of their first product from the redesigned Systec H-Series: the new and improved Systec HX-150 autoclave. Systec and Evidencia are located in Hall 3, Stand A35. More efficient work with the new generation of autoclaves The
13-11-2019  |  401x  |  Industry news  | 
NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution A new solution for genotyping by sequencing.
NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution
A new solution for genotyping by sequencing. The NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution combines highly multiplexed, capture-based enrichment with maximum efficiency next generation sequencing to deliver cost-effective, high-throughput genotyping for a wide variety of applications. Applicable for ranges spanning 100-5,000 markers, pre-capture multiplexing of up to 96 samples combined with 8 standard pool-indexes allows analysis of up to 768 samples / 3.8 million genotypes in a single Illumina sequencing run (more pool-indexes are available upon request). NEB will develop and balance bait sets using purified genomic DNA from your source material. This allows us to optimize performance for your specific application, with the quality of DNA that is typically obtained. Please contact us to discuss your application.
12-11-2019  |  557x  |  Product news  | 
Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit A new kit for genomic DNA extraction and purification.
Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit
A new kit for genomic DNA extraction and purification. Quickly and easily purify high quality, high molecular weight gDNA from multiple sample types, all with one kit. The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a comprehensive solution for cell lysis, RNA removal, and purification of intact genomic DNA (gDNA) from a wide variety of biological samples, including cultured cells, blood, and mammalian tissues. Additionally, bacteria and yeast can be processed with extra steps to enhance lysis in these tough-to-lyse samples. Protocols are also included to enable purification from clinically-relevant samples such as saliva and cheek swabs as well as rapid cleanup of previously extracted gDNA. The purified gDNA is suitable for downstream applications such as end-point PCR, qPCR and library prep for NGS. It typically has a peak size of > 50kb, making this kit an excellent choice upstream of long-read sequencing platforms.
12-11-2019  |  445x  |  Product news  | 
Finding the Match: 40 Antibody Resources for xMAP
Finding the Match: 40 Antibody Resources for xMAP
The global market for research antibodies is expected to reach $3 billion in 2019. Selecting the right antibody that works for your specific assay is a daunting process that is often fraught with failure. A Nature article estimates that half of all of antibodies are considered bad. Bad antibodies are often the product of research that is not reproducible and certainly contributes to wasted research resources. Good Antibodies Make Great Assays For the successful use of an antibody on any platform, the method of antibody generation is an important consideration. Monoclonal antibodies are produced from hybridoma cell lines, whereas polyclonal antibodies are harvested from animal serum. Recombinant antibodies are more reliable compared to their monoclonal and polyclonal counterparts because they are made from cultured cell lines carrying an expression plasmid DNA or other expression construct.
07-11-2019  |  574x  |  White paper  | 
Winners of the 2019 CPhI Worldwide Annual Awards announced
13 outstanding winners unveiled in pharma's biggest celebration of innovation Frankfurt, 06 November 2019: CPhI Worldwide, organised by Informa PLC, announce the winners of the prestigious 2019 CPhI Pharma Awards – celebrating the industry’s top innovators, performers and outstanding achievements across 13 categories, spanning the entire industry supply chain. The prestigious ‘CEO of the Year’ award has been bestowed upon Dr. Ge Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of WuXi AppTec who was chosen for his significant contribution to the global biopharma R&D industry. Under his leadership, WuXi AppTec has become a highly respected contributor to global healthcare innovation. Cambrex was awarded the ‘API Development’ category for their Crystallisation Screening and Process Development Service. The service has bridged the gap between the bench and manufacturing plat, providing controlled, robust and scalable crystallization processes. John Chiminski, Chair and CEO at Catalent Pharma Solutions, won the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for his accomplishments
07-11-2019  |  405x  |  Industry news
Be the One-With a great idea in protein research Submit your great idea by 22 December and you could win a 3 month instrument placement
Be the One-With a great idea in protein research
Submit your great idea by 22 December and you could win a 3 month instrument placement Fluidic Analytics Ltd, a pioneer in protein analysis and the company behind in-solution diffusional sizing, is inviting scientists to participate in a competition for a chance to use the new Fluidity One-W to investigate a protein interaction of their choice. This newest instrument from Fluidic Analytics is set to transform the field of protein interaction analysis. The winning researcher will receive a three-month instrument placement, as well as consumables and training to help study their proposed protein interaction with this ground-breaking new technique. Entering the competition is easy, simply outline your proposed study via a short online form at . Dr Andrew Lynn, CEO of Fluidic Analytics commented; “We understand that great ideas need the right tools to make them a success, which is why we’ve created our ‘Be the One-With a great idea’ competition. We want to recognize researchers with great ideas that have been frustrated by the lack of appropriate tools to
07-11-2019  |  431x  |  Industry news  | 
GVK Bio expecting tremendous growth heading into 2020
US-China trade challenges has led to de-risking by pharma companies Frankfurt, 05/10/19: GVK Bio, the global Contract Research and Development Organisation (CRDO), announces that a crescendo of market conditions and a strong customer pipeline are colliding to deliver strong growth in 2020. In the past few years the company has quickly consolidated its customer base in discovery and research services, with a subsequent positive impact on development services – which are now the fastest growing part of the company. Manni Kantipudi, Chief Executive Officer, added: “In the last year we have seen record revenues and teen figure growth for the company. But what is interesting is that whilst our research services – for which we are still best known – are growing at twice the market rate, it’s in development services that we are seeing growth running at three times the industry average.” The company attributes its recent successes to robust regulatory standards and trust built up by pharma companies in the last few years – GVK Bio is now
06-11-2019  |  395x  |  Industry news
CDMOs to benefit from BTDs, orphan drugs, fast track status
The arrival of patient-centric CDMO’s predicted by CPhI Annual Report Frankfurt, 05th November 2019: CPhI Worldwide – the world’s largest pharma event taking place in Frankfurt (5th – 7th November 2019) – has released the fourth part of its eponymous 2019 annual Report. Experts Peter Soelkner, Managing Director, Vetter Pharma International GmbH, Stewart Needleman, Chief Commercial Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions and Adam Bradbury, Industry Analyst, Pharmsource (a GlobalData product) discuss the future of patient centric CDMOs. In his piece, Bradbury explores how the changing drugs pipeline and increasing diversity of innovators are creating opportunities for the CDMO sector. He asserts that the increase in drug approvals and priority reviews are likely to be beneficial to the CMO industry in the next few years, as manufacturing of these products is often outsourced. According to Bradbury’s analysis, 23 NMEs were approved with Fast Track status in 2018. This was significantly more than in 2017. Of these products, 70% of them were outsourced,
06-11-2019  |  408x  |  Industry news
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