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News items September 2019

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BOC Sciences Promotes Antibody Drug Conjugates Services
New York, August 15, 2019 — Having been one of the world’s leading chemical vendors for nearly two decades, this month BOC Sciences announces to promote its antibody drug conjugate service for scientists engaged with drug R&D both academically and industrially. After this move, researchers can have easy access to this CRO service with more favorable price but with no compromise to efficiency, expertise and quality. “Traditionally, chemotherapy has been the mainstay of cancer treatment; however, its efficacy is quite limited and various side effects come along with it, causing unnecessary death to those healthy cells inside our body,” commented Prof. Jones, a senior scientist from BOC Sciences. “ADCs, by linking antibody and biological drug together, now have both the selectivity of targeted treatment and the cytotoxic potency of chemotherapy drugs.” In spite of the fact that a large scale of investigation concerning antibody drug conjugates has been carried out in
26-09-2019  |  261x  |  Industry news
BOC Sciences Offers Inhibitor Eribulin for Breast Cancer Res
On July 30, 2019, the world’s leading chemical vendor BOC Sciences announces at its headquarter in New York to release a featuring inhibitor chemical – eribulin – for researchers who are involved with breast cancer research in the pharmaceutical industry. Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in U.S. women, just after skin cancer, which affects one in eight women who live to the age of 80. The disease was due to the uncontrollable mutation and multiplication of breast cells, and cancerous cells may spread to other parts of the body if untreated. Eribulin is a recommended treatment option for locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer in adults whose disease has progressed after at least two chemotherapy regimens. “Eribulin is another form of halichondrin B made in lab. It is a substance derived from a sea sponge. Similar to some other chemotherapy drugs, eribulin targets the protein tubulin in cells, although it binds to tubulin in a different
26-09-2019  |  257x  |  Industry news
Three decades of pharmaceutical excellence: CPhI Worldwide
CPhI Worldwide will return for its 30th year on 5-7 November 2019 at Messe Frankfurt As the world's largest pharmaceutical exhibition, CPhI Worldwide provides the foremost setting to network and source cost-effective pharma solutions from all over the world – in just three days under just one roof. The exhibition covers the entire pharma supply chain including ingredients, APIs, excipients, finished products, packaging and machinery. Marking another record-breaking year for the exhibition, 2019 sees over 45,000 attendees and 2,500 international exhibitors. Co-located sub-events In addition to the pharmaceutical ingredients halls, attendees will have access to a number of co-located events throughout the weekend, providing further opportunity to locate exhibitors and easily meet their business needs. P-MEC provides the only European platform to focus on pharmaceutical machinery this year. It is dedicated to pharmaceutical equipment and provides access to latest testing technology and pharma machinery. InnoPack brings together pharmaceutical packaging
26-09-2019  |  369x  |  Industry news
Characterizing powder properties for additive manufacturing
Free webinar Malvern Panalytical, a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions, announces their free webinar on the characterization of material properties for additive manufacturing, on October 22, 2019, joint-presented by no less than four in-house specialists from Malvern Panalytical, the Netherlands. Up to one third of the production cost of an additive manufacturing component produced by powder bed processes (particularly metals), is the cost of the powder used. The chemical and physical properties of the powder directly impact the build process and final component quality. The properties therefore must be controlled and optimized to ensure process robustness and consistency. To achieve this, powder properties must be characterized at various stages in the supply chain. Laser diffraction, automated image analysis, X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction are four key analytical techniques that are commonly used to characterize
25-09-2019  |  321x  |  Industry news
Huge boom in Korean Pharma reported at CPhI Korea
Event sees new Memorandum of Understanding signed by Prolmed and KPTA Amsterdam, 19th September 2019: The recently-closed CPhI Korea – co-organised by Informa Markets and the Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA) – has seen a surge in growth across domestic and international pharma companies, as well as a sizable rise in overall attendees. As reported earlier this year in the provisional findings of the CPhI Pharma Index, Korea has seen a rapid growth in its international reputation (seeing its ‘overall competitiveness’ rise 14% in the last two years), which is now translating into a sizable growth in the market and at the event. Emphasizing the increased excitement seen in the Korean market, domestic exhibitors rose by 43% in 2019, with overseas exhibitors also rising by a remarkable 38%. Overall, CPhI Korea saw a 20% increase in attendees, with 6,111 executives attending from over 66 countries. In total, some 266 companies exhibited, 150 of which were international. The event was also used as a platform to announce several
23-09-2019  |  259x  |  Industry news
Saudi Pharma market crucial to country’s Vision 2030
The Saudi pharma market is the largest across the MENA region Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 17 September 2019: The importance of Saudi Arabia’s pharmaceutical industry in delivery of the country’s 2030 Vision was highlighted at CPhI Middle East & Africa, currently taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 16-18 September. During a presentation by Dr Faisal BinDail, Chairman of the National Committee for Pharmaceutical Industries, titled Delivering Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a range of topics related to the pharmaceutical industry were discussed, including incentives for stimulating local manufacturing and the opportunities the emerging contract manufacturing sector present. Dr. BinDail said: “In the context of Saudi Arabia, Pharma manufacturing holds an important position in achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The regulatory body, local industry players, global companies have realised the importance of this initiative and are working towards strengthening of localised Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
23-09-2019  |  299x  |  Industry news
Pharma experts discuss the UAE’s commitment to innovation
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 18 September 2019: CPhI Middle East & Africa concluded today at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) with a panel discussion addressing the UAEs commitment to becoming an innovative market while effectively managing healthcare spending in the region. The panel discussion, titled Innovation versus Generics, was moderated by Dr. Suhasini M V, Principal Consultant Healthcare & Life Sciences – MEA, Frost & Sullivan, while panellists included Manel Chikh, CEO & Board Member, Zaphyr Pharmaceuticals; Claudia Palme, Senior Executive Advisor, Strategy&, part of the PwC Network; Shorab Khanduri, Director – Marketing & Sales, NPI Oman; and Hasan Kapar, Head of Commercial Excellence & operations, Gulf, GlaxoSmithKline. Generics, which typically refer to drugs that contain the same active ingredients as branded equivalents, are launched to the market after the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s patent has expired often at a lower price and
23-09-2019  |  263x  |  Industry news
Smaller, Simpler, Safer: Precision Hydrogen SL, the smallest
Smaller, Simpler, Safer: Precision Hydrogen SL, the smallest
Bulk supply of hydrogen gas for GC-FID can be a great inconvenience when your lab has space limitations. But with a small hydrogen generator such as Precision Hydrogen SL, you no longer have to think about these restrictions inside your lab. If you require hydrogen for FID, opting for a cylinder contract might initially seem like the best option. However, apart from the hidden costs for the delivery and replacement of your cylinder, you might also be faced with space limitations in and around your lab. The safety hazards of hydrogen gas associated with bulk supply is also another issue to consider due to the high quantities of pressurized gas stored and the manual handling of the heavy cylinders. Many laboratories looking to cut down on costs and to restore lab safety are now switching to a hydrogen generator over bulk hydrogen gas supply, primarily supply in the form of hydrogen cylinders. With an on-demand and onsite hydrogen gas generator for GC-FID, you no longer
23-09-2019  |  534x  |  Product description  | 
MR Solutions’ liquid helium free PET-MRI system - Firmly on the agenda at WMIC
MR Solutions’ liquid helium free PET-MRI system
- Firmly on the agenda at WMIC MR Solutions’ latest liquid helium free PET-MR preclinical imaging system for the molecular research community was the subject of talks and papers on simultaneous PET-MR imaging at the World Molecular Imaging Congress held in Montreal in September. Combined PET-MR imaging is becoming the standard for new scanners in preclinical research. The Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR) at Washington University School of Medicine discussed their experience and initial studies following the installation of MR Solutions’ PET-MR dual field 3T/7T scanner. One of their studies was also outlined in a separate poster session where research using MR Solutions’ 7T MRI scanner was discussed. MR Solutions’ latest PET-MR imaging system for molecular research provides dual scanning capability which significantly improves the quality of the images and the length of time normally taken to conduct separate imaging studies. The PET-MRI capability can be through MR Solutions’ clip on PET
19-09-2019  |  331x  |  Industry news  | 
Ocean Intelligence Machine Learning More answers, better decisions. Use Ocean Insight's Machine Learning capabilities to turn
Ocean Intelligence Machine Learning
More answers, better decisions. Use Ocean Insight's Machine Learning capabilities to turn Intelligence Machine Learning can make your system astonishingly discerning. We can "teach" your system to categorize for aesthetics and internal qualities alike. There is more to this method than meets the eye Why hire an expensive team of optical experts to develop a sensor solution that could take years to develop? You can rely on our machine learning expertise at a fraction of the cost and significantly reduce time to market. Unique proprietary machine learning algorithms can be quickly tailored to recognize the differences in your product and make the decision to improve efficiency and reduce waste. Ocean Intelligence never gets sick or goes on vacation An automated manufacturing sorting process is a more sophisticated level of analysis than manual inspection; it ensures consistent quality and improves process efficiency, with the added benefits of providing a non-destructive and non-contact quality assessment. Combining this with unique, proprietary Ocean Intelligence
18-09-2019  |  287x  |  Industry news  | 
HE Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak inaugurates CPhI MEA 2019
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 16 September 2019: His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, today officially inaugurated CPhI Middle East & Africa 2019, the region’s leading platform for the pharmaceutical industry followed by a tour of the exhibition and introducing the keynote session. The event, which is returning for a second year after its successful launch in the capital last year and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Protection (MoHaP), will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 16-18 September 2019. The event is providing a showcase for over 294 exhibitors and is expecting to attract 4,900+ visitors. The onsite conference programme opened with a keynote speech from His Excellency Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary of Public Health Policy & Licensing Sector in UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention, MoHaP. Entitled Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Continuum: Highlights Across the Region, where he addressed
17-09-2019  |  308x  |  Industry news
Precision HydrogenTrace 1200 Ideal for larger labs which require carrier gas for multiple instruments
Precision HydrogenTrace 1200
Ideal for larger labs which require carrier gas for multiple instruments Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has introduced a new hydrogen gas solution to the market, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200. The Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 was on display at JASIS 2018 at the Peak Scientific booth and is designed primarily for GC carrier gas use. The versatile new generator can also be used for multiple GC detectors requiring hydrogen fuel gas such as FID and FPD. A compact and stackable generator, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 produces up to 1200 cc of carrier grade hydrogen gas at 99.9999% purity, suitable for carrier gas and flame gas at trace detection limits. Capable of supplying multiple GC instruments, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200 is an ideal single source solution for larger labs with multiple GC or GC-MS instruments and is also suitable for providing collision gas for ICP-MS. Ed Connor, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, commented: ‘We are delighted to introduce the
13-09-2019  |  418x  |  Product news  | 
Save money on your nitrogen with claind CLAIND nitrogen generators for LCMS: LCMS 40-1 and 100
Save money on your nitrogen with claind
CLAIND nitrogen generators for LCMS: LCMS 40-1 and 100 In addition to ensuring the maximum safety of your laboratory, Claind solutions for self-production of nitrogen offer: - Easy installation, thanks to the plug & play system - Maintenance request only after 16.000 hours of work - Running costs considerably reduced, as can be seen in the graphic No less important are the advantages of on-site production compared to the usual market supply (gas cylinders); among them: overall costs saving, independence from suppliers, production continuity and short pay-back time (less than 12 months). Claind LCMS 40-1 and 100 are designed to satisfy the needs of all LCMS analyzers on the market. High purity is guaranteed by the PSA technology and the "Fast Purity" patent. The 40-1 version has a special built-in full oil-free compressor. Finally, a CPU with touch screen display allows the monitoring of operational status. Find out all the details on our website.
13-09-2019  |  429x  |  Product news  | 
Inventory of your laboratory equipment
Inventory of your laboratory equipment
The holidays are coming to an end and everyone's getting back to work. A good time to make an inventory of your laboratory equipment. Do you have furniture left? Or maybe you need extra equipment? LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. coordinates both the purchase and sale of each type of used laboratory instrument or furniture, in an independent, personal and efficient manner. Via our marketplace you can easily and efficiently sell your surplus and valuable laboratory instruments, equipment and furniture. You can also search for second-hand laboratory instruments and laboratory equipment at low cost yourself. Contact us to find out how we can help you.
12-09-2019  |  305x  |  Industry news  | 
Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 The Universal Grinder for every application
Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2
The Universal Grinder for every application Thanks to its special mode of operation, the Fritsch mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 is the ideal universal grinder in the laboratory – for analysis, quality control and materials testing as well as for the mixing and homogenisation of pastes and creams on a laboratory scale. Its particularly gentle grinding by friction with almost no thermal load is ideal for the preparation of tablets in galenics. Using liquid nitrogen it also grinds difficult-to-mill samples with moist, fibrous or elastic structures. And the Pulverisette 2 is also ideally suited for mixing of solids or liquids and solids. With brief, reliably reproducible grinding and mixing times, it is loss and dust free. For a final fineness’s between 10 and 20 μm, with a feed size of 6 – 8 mm and a max. sample quantity of up to 190 ml. Areas of application Pharmacy, foodstuffs, chemistry, mining and metallurgy, geology and mineralogy, glass and ceramics industry, agriculture and forestry. The Fritsch advantages:
12-09-2019  |  317x  |  Product description  | 
Lab Innovations 2019 - simplifying laboratory procurement Birmingham, NEC, UK - 30 & 31 October 2019
Lab Innovations 2019 - simplifying laboratory procurement
Birmingham, NEC, UK - 30 & 31 October 2019 As the UK’s only laboratory industry dedicated trade show, and ‘Best Trade Show’ winner at the 2019 Exhibition News awards, Lab Innovations is growing annually, supported by many of the UK’s leading scientific institutions. This year will be the largest ever show, with over 160 leading scientific suppliers providing more exciting product launches, innovation and discussion than ever before. Key scientific companies: Abbott Informatics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, Eppendorf, Bigneat, IKA, Shimadzu, Elga Veolia, PerkinElmer, Analytix, Merck, Sartorius & SLS are among the many exhibitors for 2019. All will be presenting cutting-edge equipment applicable to a plethora of industries, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, materials science, food and drink. Conference and CPD points: Alongside the extensive product showcase, Lab Innovations offers many CPD-accredited educational opportunities, enabling visitors to earn CPD points when they visit
11-09-2019  |  319x  |  Product news  |   | 
Streamline your workflow
Streamline your workflow
The HTI X-TubeProcessor Basic is the ideal solution for researchers who need a simple but effective way to automate their tube and liquid handling processes. Modules can be added to the X-TubeProcessor Basic for users who also need to fill, label or scan tubes.
10-09-2019  |  287x  |  Industry news  | 
Effective Plate Washer
Effective Plate Washer
The CappWash plate washer is an ideal ELISA plate washer for small scale work. Simple, compact and inexpensive, Capp plate washer is available in an 8-channel, a 12-channel and a 16-channel version. Fitting into even the tightest budget, Capp plate washer is a perfect alternative to dependence on washers from other departments for washing micro plates and strips.
10-09-2019  |  280x  |  Industry news  | 
Drivers behind Saudi Arabia’s forecast $10.74 bn by 2022
Abu dhabi (UAE), 6 September 2019: The rapid growth of Saudi Arabia’s pharmaceutical market will be placed under the spotlight at the forthcoming CPhI Middle East and Africa event, as the latest industry data reveals the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical market is expected to be valued at $10.74 billion (SR40.1 billion) by 2023. The event, sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP), returns to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) from Sept. 16-18 and will explore the rapid reform of the country’s healthcare system at both regulatory and service provision levels, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program. According to the latest IQVIA Market Prognosis — Saudi Arabia report, the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.5% until 2023. Cara Turner, Brand Director — Pharma, Informa Markets, the organizers of the event, said: “Saudi Arabia is one of the largest
09-09-2019  |  257x  |  Industry news
Take part in pharma’s largest reputation survey
The global pharmaceutical landscape is evolving at an extraordinary pace as manufacturing capabilities, drug development technologies, and regulation advances creating new ways of innovating drugs and better serving patients. CPhI Worldwide is using its unrivalled access to pharmaceutical professionals and supplier companies to produce its third annual global survey of the major trends, changes and developments in the industry. This invaluable research will rank the relative reputations of the major pharma economies – from China and India to the USA, Japan, and Europe – creating pharma league tables across areas such as ‘API production’, ‘finished dosage formulations’, ‘biologics’, ‘growth potential’, ‘innovation’ ‘regulatory acumen’, and ‘drug delivery technology’ amongst others. Covering small molecule, biologics and drug delivery and packaging, the insights provided are integral to building a global picture of the state and strength of the international pharma
09-09-2019  |  216x  |  Industry news
CO2-SS-20 CO2 Analyser for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis CO2 Analysis in Incubators, Laboratories, Medical Research, Servicing and more...
CO2-SS-20 CO2 Analyser for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis
CO2 Analysis in Incubators, Laboratories, Medical Research, Servicing and more... CO2-SS-20 is an analyser specially developed to measure, verify and validate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in CO2 incubators, proving popular for medical departments, research and laboratories. The analyser is also essential for field service engineers in the repair, validation and calibration of CO2 incubators and equipment. P. Topham, Laboratory Manager & Safety Coordinator for Molecular Cell Biology, says: "We routinely use the CO2-SS-20 CO2 Analyser for conducting checks of CO2 concentration in our 40-plus CO2 incubators. The unit is very well constructed with a clear, intuitive touch-screen user interface. It is easy to calibrate and operation is simple and immediate with fast updates of displayed % concentration. I have no hesitation in recommending this analyser.” CO2 incubators play a critical role in a wide range of clinical and life science research laboratories. Good incubator management and the accuracy of incubator gases is key. CO2 is particularly important
09-09-2019  |  302x  |  Product news  | 
Give chromatography systems a 2nd life.
Give chromatography systems a 2nd life.
Labrecycling buys and sells used and refurbished chromatography instruments like Agilent 7890A/5975C GCMS. Our client bought his unique system for testing pesticides in honey. It fits perfectly in our mission. Save the environment and the bees.
06-09-2019  |  326x  |  Industry news  | 
Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust
Partners with Clinithink Gaining bright new insights for Mental Health and Community thanks to CLiX enrich Clinithink’s CLiX enrich solution is now being used by the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, a Global Digital Exemplar Trust (GDE) internationally recognised for delivering improvements in the quality of care through the world-class use of digital technologies and information. The Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is the main provider of community, children’s and mental health services across the Worcestershire area, employing over 3,500 staff, and recording around 26,000 patient contacts every week, and the Trust’s health team includes paediatricians, mental health nurses and other allied health professionals. David Brown, IT Director at Worcestershire was the driving force behind the Trust’s successful GDE funding application and the recent partnership with Clinithink. David said “Clinithink’s CLiX enrich is delivering real gold dust for us. It’s unique because it
06-09-2019  |  243x  |  Industry news
Dynamic Headspace Module for the CDS 7000C Purge & Trap New introduction of CDS Module
Dynamic Headspace Module for the CDS 7000C Purge & Trap
New introduction of CDS Module Dynamic Headspace Module for the CDS 7000C Purge & Trap CDS introduced the new Dynamic Headspace Module for the CDS 7000C Purge & Trap. The CDS 7000C is the industry’s first Purge and Trap concentrator seamlessly integrated with the PAL system. Read more about the CDS Analytical Dynamic Headspace Module and performance in the application note: Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil Sample by EPA Method 8260 using CDS 7000C Dynamic Headspace Module. *Benelux only
04-09-2019  |  379x  |  Product news  | 
GCxGC with parallel MS and FID detection New application note
GCxGC with parallel MS and FID detection
New application note Our application specialist Daniela Peroni published a new application note: GCxGC with parallel MS and FID detection for improved analysis of fragrances. Gas chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is broadly employed for the analysis of allergens and aroma compounds in fragrances. However, the analytical challenge is not trivial. The complexity of essential oils and perfumes typically requires multiple analyses with different stationary phases to achieve suitable resolution for all targets. Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) couples two columns in a single analysis to achieve superior separation power. Peaks are distributed across a 2D separation space based on different physicochemical properties, enhancing resolution and significantly reducing co-elution. These advantages make GC×GC-MS increasingly more widespread in the fragrance industry for accurate and time-effective targeted analysis as well as untergated profiling. Here we demonstrate
04-09-2019  |  567x  |  Wiki item  | 
Seminars and trainings Save the date
Seminars and trainings
Save the date Recently we published a newsletter regarding upcoming seminars and tranings. Are you excited to see which courses we offer? Read the full newsletter.
04-09-2019  |  270x  |  Industry news  | 
Peak scientific unveils the smallest h2 Generator for GC-FID
Peak scientific unveils the smallest h2 Generator for GC-FID
Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation systems for analytical laboratories, has introduced its latest hydrogen gas solution: Precision SL, the smallest and easiest to use laboratory-grade hydrogen generator for GC-FID. Precision SL was launched on the 4th of September 2019, at JASIS 2019, the largest annual analytical science exhibition in Asia, held outside Tokyo, Japan. Peak Scientific revealed its latest innovation at its booth at the show. Designed exclusively to supply hydrogen to flame detectors for gas chromatography, Precision SL is extremely compact, with a total footprint measuring less than 20% of the size of the existing Precision models. Available in both 100cc and 200cc and in black and white, Precision SL produces hydrogen gas at 99.9995% purity. The Precision SL model has been developed to enhance its usability with one button for both start-up and shutdown, and only simple user maintenance required to replace the proprietary desiccant
04-09-2019  |  360x  |  Product news  |   | 
Laboratory Data Management System
Our LDMS integrates the lab and plant processes. With over 60 installations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we are the world leader in laboratory information systems for the cement industry. Your laboratory is judged on the quality, accuracy and timeliness of its data PSCL’s LDMS is unique in its focus on cement manufacturing. Most labs have adopted electronic recording: LDMS extends the concept by integrating instruments and analysis devices to reduce errors and increasing throughput. Improved efficiency of lab work is achieved through test scheduling and tracking. Critical information is available to the management team with automated reporting: One quality manager described this as his signal to have a second cup of coffee before the daily meeting. Process and Equipment Integration LDMS integrates with your laboratory equipment – x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and cross-belt analyzers, process control systems – to automate the creation of samples
04-09-2019  |  347x  |  Product description
Be competitive Meet the needs of your market with Eusoft.Lab LIMS
Be competitive
Meet the needs of your market with Eusoft.Lab LIMS Every day, laboratories classify and analyse hundreds of samples, sometimes of many different types. With this amount of sampling, computerised data management of analytical processes is vital to ensure the safety and quality of any given product. Homemade systems may not comply with UNI ISO/IEC 17025, as required by the relevant bodies for accreditation. Manual data entry takes up a large amount of man hours and significantly increases the possibility of errors. If each section of the laboratory manages its own information in isolation, data traceability problems can occur and it becomes more difficult to give customers a quick answer to their queries or provide immediate access to the relevant data. The key to any successful organisation is its ability to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the market. Eusoft.Lab is a 100% web based LIMS, natively designed for use in SaaS (Software as a Service) on cloud computing Platform.The benefits of using Eusoft.Lab LIMS
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