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27-02-2018  |  312x
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Pertinax Pharma further expands into global woundcare market

Paul Williams appointed as Business Development Manager

27 February 2018: Pertinax Pharma announces that Paul Williams has been appointed to the role of Business Development Manager. The new position, which will bolster the company’s commercial team, forms an integral part of the business strategy to secure expansion primarily by growing revenues from the international woundcare sector.

“Paul’s appointment comes as we ramp up our presence in the global woundcare market, having already established preliminary discussions with a number of multinational providers. Our intention is to proliferate our Pertinax technology so that it is one of the first things our customers’ customers ask for when commissioning new products,” commented Dr Michele Barbour, Chief Executive Officer,

Mr Williams, working alongside Pertinax Pharma’s Chairman, Nigel Brooksby, will help to execute the commercial plan to develop and nurture the company’s client base. The intention is to focus on increasing sales from large and medium sized commercial entities.

Prior to joining Pertinax, Paul Williams held senior account management and strategic sales roles at SCAPA Healthcare and BBI Solutions. He has emerged as a prominent figure in his industry through his established track record for winning new business in the global woundcare dressings market.

“We are delighted with Paul’s appointment. It’s a significant step for our ambitions. His extensive international network of industry contacts in the R&D, production, commercial and marketing fields, together with his expertise and experience, makes him a perfect fit for the role. Indeed, he will prove an invaluable asset to the company as we drive the business forward and implement our strategy for growth,” Michele Barbour added.

The patented Pertinax® technology has strong market potential in multiple sectors with the company forecasting rapid growth from sales to woundcare providers. Mr Williams added “What I am excited about is just how disruptive it will be. In my view, within a couple of years, you will see all major woundcare providers looking to adopt this type of innovation.”

About Pertinax Pharma

Pertinax Pharma Ltd – originally a spin out from the university of Bristol – was established in April 2015 to commercialise its proprietary and patented Pertinax® technology. The antimicrobial material has wide ranging potential application across wound care, dentistry, medical device, veterinary and broader markets. Pertinax provides controlled and sustained release of chlorhexidine (CHX) – overcoming the short duration of antimicrobial activity of conventional CHX products. The antimicrobial can be formulated to persist for days, weeks, months or years – depending on the application. Pertinax requires lower quantities of CHX – with continuous antimicrobial function provided by less frequent applications – and it also exhibits lower cytotoxicity than equivalent concentrations of conventional CHX.

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