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05-02-2019  |  255x
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iVention opens a Global Center of Excellence

iVention has recently opened a Global Center of Excellence in Soest, The Netherlands

iVention recently opened a worldwide Center of Excellence (CoE) in Soest. From this new facility iVention will support its customers, partners and other stakeholders in taking advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer to optimize laboratory processes and achieve a competitive advantage.

The Center of Excellence was set up to meet the ”growing need in the market for best practices, innovation, expertise, support and training in next-generation laboratory automation”, says Mr. Oscar Kox, CEO of iVention. ”What we notice is that today’s laboratories face multiple challenges in the necessary transition from paper to digital, such as ensuring data integrity, fast and efficiently processing, analyzing and sharing of increasing amounts of data and, of course, the protection of privacy-sensitive information”.

To help afront these challenges over 55 iVention employees work closely on a daily basis with customers from a wide variety of industries to drive their digital transformations. This collaborative approach, together with the company’s clear vision on the future of laboratory automation, guarantees a continuous flow of innovations and product developments. In the past year the standard iLES Platform has been successfully extended with enhancements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (Hololens), Voice Recognition and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). And soon customers will be able to reap the benefits of Elasticsearch, that will offer powerful full-text search capabilities on large amounts of data.

Mainly due to the constant strive for innovation iVention has rapidly gained a leading position in the global informatics market and can rightly be seen a true ’game-changer’. For the coming years, the company aims to further grow its organization in order to achieve its international growth ambitions and inspire laboratories worldwide with appealing innovations. ”We are convinced that the Center of Excellence will play an important role in this”, concludes Mr. Kox.

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