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09-10-2019  |  60x
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Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures

On-line process & off-line laboratory analysis

Analysis for petrochemicals and refining may require the use of liquid blends.
The phase (liquid or gas) of a hydrocarbon is determined by the liquid/vapor equilibrium. Introducing hydrocarbon components into a mixture can affect the phase of the blend and result in technical limitations. Air Liquide has the knowhow to prepare liquid hydrocarbon mixture with guaranteed reliability and quality that duplicate the process stream being analyzed.

Typical applications for hydrocarbon liquid mixtures
* Monitoring feedstock streams for process. This may include standards with trace minor components at ppm or ppb levels.
* Monitoring intermediate streams in a process. These blends often consist of several components, many of which could be present in percent levels.
* Monitoring recycle streams in a plant process. Analyzers are used to determine how to adjust a downstream process to allow for the use of a recycle stream that may be changing.
* Monitoring waste streams going for disposal.
*Quality assurance for final product streams.

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