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10-12-2019  |  465x
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Paperless Lab Academy 2020

Foster digital revolution in your laboratory

Master your eData LifeCycle

Whether you've already implemented a Laboratory Data Management Systems or about to the Paperless Lab Academy (PLA) should be part of your project.

What will find at the PLA?

* Technical presentation
It is about the latest on scientific data management. installing a LIMS, LES , ELN, ... is not just about simplifying your processes and managing your daily results in a more effective manner. It is about mastering the complete lifecycle of your data.
Do you really collect the raw data at its best? have you avoid any gap of Data Integrity?
Do you really extract the maximum useful information out from your data?
Do you store your data and access easily to them anytime needed?

* Interactive sponsored workshops
Your time is limited. At the PLA during the 2 days congress you have the possibility to attend 15 workshops presented by the sponsors. From well known companies leaders in the market to brand new proposing innovative solution and alternative to support your digital transformation project.

* Networking
A great opportunity to meet, discuss and share experiences with colleagues that are facing same issues. A great opportunity to meet your providers and new ones and discover the latest in the market
An event App that ease the connections with the people you'd like to reach out.

* Free registration
for visitors coming from a company that owns a laboratory, potential buyers....

Registration are now open

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Paperless Lab Academy® 2020 – 8th edition: save the date
Paperless Lab Academy® 2020 – 8th edition: save the date
Turning your laboratory into a data-driven knowledge center is the objective and the key focus of the event, at its 8th European edition, on April 21 & 22, 2020 at the Lake Maggiore, Italy. Two days about laboratory data management, scientific data, quality & integrity. Two day full of knowledge sharing, introduction to the latest methodologies for data analytics, launches of new and innovative solutions, stimulating networking opportunities. The event is designed for QC & R&D laboratory managers, IT business partners, Quality and , production departments in sectors such as Pharma, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Biotech, Engineering and Service Lab. Isabel Muñoz-Willery and Roberto Castelnovo, owners of the consultancy firm NL42 Consulting and organizers of Paperless Lab Academy® - the international event that attracts more than 250 attendees between sponsors and visitors from all over Europe and beyond-, are in this time of the year busy planning the #PLA2020
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Data integrity in regulated laboratories Paperless Lab Academy Webinars Series
Data integrity in regulated laboratories
Paperless Lab Academy Webinars Series "Understanding Data Integrity and how to approach it in the chromatography regulated laboratory" The Academy offers a series of 6 webinars focused on Data Integrity. The objectives are to provide the tools for identifying and approaching the Data Integrity gaps in regulated laboratories. For anyone working under GXP and quality standards such as ISO 17025. Presented by Mr. Bob McDowall, moderated by Isabel Muñoz-Willery Mr. Mc Dowall will take us along the 6 sessions, through the concepts of data integrity and data governance and provide sound recommendations built from large experience in the industry as auditor and consultant. From September 2019 to February 2020
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Digital Optimization vs Digital Transformation Paperless Lab Academy® 2019:
Digital Optimization vs Digital Transformation
Paperless Lab Academy® 2019: Paperless Lab Academy®: a point of reference for your laboratory digital transformation projects The best way to summarize the seventh edition of the Paperless Lab Academy® is the path of the discussions that have evolved from the 20 years history of the laboratory informatics up to the management of our own personal data as citizens and consumers. The Academy has now become a point of reference for those looking for answers, for those in need for understanding how to implement a Digital Transformation (DT) of their quality processes. The consolidated reputation of the quality of the presentations and the networking opportunities in an environment that has few equals makes the Paperless Lab Academy® one of the best congress in Europe for discussing Lab informatics and scientific data management. Technology and entertainment at the Paperless Lab Academy® 2019 #PLA2019 would have not been possible to manage this time without our congress organization going
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 Lost in your laboratory digital transformation journey?
Lost in your laboratory digital transformation journey?
The event is a learning platform for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying scientific data management systems and processes. A platform where experiences and expertise are shared, where discussion generates food for thoughts on how to convert the so valuable scientific data generated in the laboratory to actionable insights for the company. Ultimate goal is to turn your laboratory into a data-driven knowledge center. These are the topics that will be discussed at #PLA2019. See the full program at our homepage. • About the future of the laboratory within the industry 4.0 • Demystification of the Cloud-based solutions • Business decisions and companies’ processes supported by scientific data management • The relevance of a data transfer strategy when replacing solutions • The reality of the IoLT (Internet of Lab Things) • How to apply the FAIR principles and secure your data • Why archiving is the beginning and not the end of a solid
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The Laboratory of the Industry 4.0 Is the Industry 4.0 feasible without adequate access to scientific data?
The Laboratory of the Industry 4.0
Is the Industry 4.0 feasible without adequate access to scientific data? When speaking to production and management, it is common to detect a lack of visibility of how the laboratory operates. Yet the expectations on quick and trustable results are omnipresent. It is also easy to generate attention when speaking about the Industry 4.0, automation, data exchange, Internet of things, cloud and more. Who says that this is not also available for the laboratories too? Let´s do a small comparative exercise of how the industry and the laboratories have evolved through the technical revolutions. The first industrial revolution began through the use of steam power and mechanization of production The first industrial revolution began in Britain in the late 18th century, with the mechanization of the textile industry. Tasks previously done laboriously by hand in hundreds of weavers’ cottages were brought together in a single cotton mill, and the factory was born. Even though the evidence places Pythagoras of Samos´s home laboratory as the
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