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10-01-2020  |  176x
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Granomat JP 150 disk mill

Suitable for coarse, fine and finest

The Granomat JP 150 is a laboratory blender, based on the stator-rotor principle. The rotor as well as the stator consist of two ring-shaped disks. According to its designation, the stator is clamped and does not rotate, whereas the rotor rotates at an adjustable speed. The material to be ground is moved to the outside by centrifugal forces through the gap between the rotor and the stator and crushed.
The Granomat JP 150 can be fitted with various milling disks with nominal diameter of 150 mm and different shaping suited for wet or dry milling. In this case, motors of 3.7 kW are used.
For industrial production or when higher throughputs are requested the use of Granomate JP 250 and JP 360 with corresponding milling disk diameters of DN 250 or 360 is recommended. As a standard, motors of 22 kW are used. Higher motor powers and milling disk diameters can also be supplied on request. Most of the disk mills can be cooled and are provided with a coolant circuit connection.

Wet milling (fine and ultrafine milling)

Wet milling is carried out by supplying a liquid to the grinding material. During the grinding process, the product is converted into a suspension. The adjustable gap width defines the maximum particle size, whereby sizes in the nano range can be achieved. In this way, fibres can be dissolved from cellulose or collagen fibres.
The disk mill can also be used in various applications in the food industry as for instance to produce maize soup, juices, peanut butter, gelatine, soya milk, garlic paste and many others. Furthermore, the disk mill can also be used in the manufacturing process of batteries.

Dry milling (low-flour, coarse)

Witch the correspondent milling disks the Granomat JP150 disk mill can also be used for coarse sizing of low-flour maize grits or of bread crumbs. Spices can be milled in the same way as a wide variety of grain types. Dry milling with disk mills is particularly interesting when a certain range of granulometry with a low percentage of fine particles must be obtained.
These superbly crafted mills are manufactured in Japan and distributed by FUCHS Maschinen AG in Europe.

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