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16-01-2020  |  109x
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For increased safety in the laboratory:

The protect safety coated DURANŽ glass laboratory bottles

When it comes to your personal safety or the protection of valuable or hazardous substances, the protect safety coated DURANŽ laboratory bottles are the smart choice.

Glass laboratory bottles made of the virtually inert DURANŽ borosilicate glass 3.3 are perfect for storing sensitive substances and APIs. However when working with particularly valuable or potentially hazardous media, the use of the protect safety coated DURANŽ laboratory bottles is highly recommended. The polymer coating of polyurethane (PU) offers additional protection for routine laboratory work. In the event of impact damage to the bottle, the tough external coating holds the glass pieces together so that the contents are generally retained, and the clean up effort is greatly reduced. The protect coated bottles provide added safety both for the user, and for the contents. The plastic coating is highly transparent so that the contents and printed volume graduations of the bottle are clearly visible. All protect safety coated bottles are Retrace coded for fully manufacturing traceability.

DWK Life Sciences offers the protect safety coated DURANŽ bottle in many variants and capacities. In addition to a clear glass version, the protect coating is also available on the amber bottles. The amber coloration protects light sensitive materials from light between 300 and 500 nm and conforms with the requirements of USP and EP (3.2.1).

The protect coating is available on the versatile GLS 80Ž wide-mouth bottles for easier filling and cleaning. For even greater piece of mind, the pressure and vacuum resistant DURANŽ pressure plus+ bottles are also available with the protect safety coating.

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