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13-05-2020  |  355x
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Paperless Lab Academy

Paperless Lab Academy Goes Digital

Academy Webinar program

Welcome to the new initiative of the Paperless Lab Academy platform. We wanted to build on the momentum created during the congress editions and provide continuity along the year so that you could find interesting and stimulating information and discussions about transforming your Laboratory, Research and Quality processes.

What you should expect to find

Topics rank from basic to experts levels about scientific data management, lab informatics solutions, new concepts and methodologies, digital optimisation and strategies for mastering your data and extract the maximum insights from them.
Presenters are users, experts and through leaders from diverse industries.
The material offered here is a combination of Webinar organised by the Academy that also includes a list of webinars from our partners.

Due to the Pandemic crisis, we had to postpone our 8th edition of the PLA congress to 2021 and were grateful to our sponsors who are supporting us to overcome the tragic situation. we are now working with them to propose you online activities, webinars, articles and trainings that you easily can find at the or following our socials.

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March 4, 15:00 CET | Free Academy Webinar In this complimentary webinar organised by the Paperless Lab Academy on 4 March 2020 at 3 PM CET, Rik Pepermans will share his experience at Unilever as a researcher, IT manager of its largest food lab, and strategist on the digital transformation of its global R&D. The food economy is bigger and more diverse than you probably assume. Moreover, there is more innovation for the food economy happening than the statistics suggest, but its not always traditional science. The digital transformation of food innovation is a case study for a business-driven approach that goes far beyond digitizing the existing paper-based lab processes. Rik will share how the implementation of the Electronic Lab Notebook at Unilever started with a critical assessment of its R&D core process and showed the way to connect stronger to the business. In a data-driven company, relevant measurement results must propagate from the lab bench to the decision makers table, swift and error-free. Ultimately,
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