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17-11-2020  |  78x
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Probiotic Formulation Services for Scientific Research Customers

Creative Enzymes, a professional and experienced supplier of probiotics, mainly provides enzyme-related products and services. With the continuous expansion of business areas and scale, they have set foot in other areas and established a sound probiotic production and supply chain. Based on high-quality products and services, as well as the unique advantages of large-scale production, its probiotic products are widely favored by industrial customers and scientific research customers.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that co-exist with the human. Different from pathogenic microorganisms, probiotics are beneficial, sometimes essential to health. For example, the intake of probiotics can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, maintain the dynamic balance of intestinal flora, and enhance gastrointestinal health.

“Creative Enzymes has established a specialized production site for freeze-dried probiotics and provides custom probiotic formulation. Our probiotics products include Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, Bifidobacterium, Lactococcus, Streptococcus, Leuconostoc, Bacillus, etc., covering food science, nutrition, microbiology, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, and other fields. ” stated Creative Enzymes` executive vice president.

The market of probiotics is rapidly growing due to the increasing demands from the public who are paying more attention to fitness and wellness. A report claims about 1.6 percent US adults have experience of using probiotics products in the past 30 years. Probiotics is even ranked third in most commonly used dietary supplement other than vitamins and minerals.

A great number of research has been done, revealing various positive effects of probiotics on human wellness, including but not limited to gut health, sleep quality improvement, weight control, prenatal nutrition, oral health, women’s health, allergy relief, et al.

What are the highlights of Custom Probiotic Formulation services?
1.Four-layer coating technology to ensure the highest stability of microorganisms
2.Highly efficient freeze-drying technology to ensure the best activity
3.Resistant to light, heat, stomach acid, and bile salt
4.Hundreds of billions of bacterial production powder
5.Perfect production and quality control system
6.Advanced equipment (high-density enrichment fermentor, vacuum freeze dryer, three-dimensional mixer, high-efficiency packaging machine)

“Creative Enzymes has a professional research and development team of probiotics. Team members have a high level of expertise and rich experience. Therefore, we can provide customers with comprehensive, professional, and one-stop probiotic solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about probiotic products, production, and processing. We are glad to provide the most professional solutions.” said the product manager of Creative Enzymes.

About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes is a remarkable supplier and manufacturer of probiotics. Equipped with advanced technique platform, Creative Enzymes is able to offer high-quality and professional probiotic products for customers. Its products and services are widely used in academic and pharmaceutical industries.

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