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19-11-2020  |  58x
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Eusoft free webinar: the digital challenge of the LIMS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

The digital challenge of the lims business intelligence

Eusoft free webinar

Nowadays everyone is talking about Business intelligence as the main solution to every kind of issue. In fact, this technology is really helpful if based on strong and certified data.
The BI technology is first data reliability and also data analysis and advanced report. In the LIMS world this is even more important, as we talk about processes, tests, samples, results.
These types of data should be managed in an appropriate way, in order to turn data in useful information and make decisions. This goal can be achieved with powerful tools, as the Business Intelligence technology.
Also, BI is able to support trends analysis with the aim to improve internal processes and make conscious decisions.
On Thursday 26th November 2020 at 15:00 GTM we are going to explore the world of the Business Intelligence and the benefits of a BI solution implemented in a LIMS.
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