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Interactive Software working with UKCRC Tissue Directory
Connecting UK Biobanks Interactive Software has confirmed a new agreement which will see it become a major facilitator of connecting Biobanks in the UK. The organisation has made a new link up with the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (TDCC) which will help them to achieve the aim of becoming the first choice for researchers who are sourcing biological samples for studies. Thanks to the new digital infrastructure provided by Interactive Software, biological samples can now be optimised specifically to be used in investigative scientific research. With the planned network expansion of Biobanks, researchers will now be able to take advantage of far wider choice and pinpoint particular biomarkers or characteristics which they require. It will contribute to the far simpler location of samples with access to a centralised tissue directory. It is expected that researchers will be able to save a significant amount of time spent sourcing samples. Interactive Software has developed
18-04-2019  |  017x  |  Product news
Surge of Indian biosimilars market forecast in 2019
CPhI data predicts India to be one of the world’s ‘fastest growing bio’ hubs in 2019 16th April 2019: New data from CPhI shows that, despite ongoing reputational challenges, India’s biologics market is set for robust growth in 2019 driven by biosimilars production. The India specific findings from CPhI’s bio league tables predict strong ‘bio growth potential’ in India throughout 2019 in the build-up to the 13th edition of CPhI India 2019, which will take place at the India Expo Centre in Delhi NCR. However, highlighting the market’s ambivalent reputation, India also received the second lowest overall scores for ‘quality of biologics manufacturing’ and ‘biologics innovation’. Yet for ‘growth potential’ India (7.05) scored extremely highly, finishing broadly level with the well-established advanced bio markets Germany (7.2), Ireland (7.2) and Japan (7.3), and behind only the United States (7.8) – but significantly, ahead of China (6.9) and its widely documented rapidly expanding bio sector[1]. India’s growing biosimilars industry is the primary driver
18-04-2019  |  015x  |  News in brief
Clean room workplace CleanBoy® Particle-free air for all industry and research workplaces
Clean room workplace CleanBoy®
Particle-free air for all industry and research workplaces SPETEC GmbH in Erding/Munich is presenting a new product in the field of clean room technology. With CleanBoy®, users can achieve highly efficient clean room conditions at any workplace at little investment cost. The need for extremely clean conditions is becoming ever more important in research and production as well as during service operations. The aim of clean room technology is to remove particles of a diameter of 0.12 µm or larger from a defined space in which the most exacting cleanliness standards guarantee a reliable workflow. This can be achieved using a clean room module from the SuSi® (Super Silent) series which is positioned directly above the work area. Exceptionally pure, filtered air is then passed over the work area. While the normal indoor atmosphere contains somewhere between 9,000 and 15,000 particles per liter, the use of clean room technology reduces this to a mere 3 particles per liter. Parts or components produced in the mechanical engineering,
16-04-2019  |  036x  |  Product news  | 
SIRIO Pharma Announces Global Collaboration
Proactive innovation specialists located in Asia, Europe and the US to combine R&D efforts Asia, Europe & The United States, 10 April, 2019: Sirio Pharma (SIRIO) – the nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) – announces global collaboration to help customers bring innovative, safe and effective products quickly to market. With access to the most recent market data, Sirio’s 100+ scientists and industry experts, based in Asia, Europe and the United States, will combine research and development efforts to focus on proactive innovation. By combining its expertise, Sirio is now even better positioned to work with customers worldwide. “The industry demands products that are more natural and additive free, with consumer friendly labeling and increased transparency. The challenge for brand owners is how to develop these products quickly without compromising on quality. Our global collaboration will be instrumental in helping our customers develop innovative products that conform with these trends. It’s a big challenge for companies
15-04-2019  |  032x  |  News in brief
Agilent and Waters HPLC systems will be re-used Labrecycling gives analytical laboratory equipment a 2nd life.
Agilent and Waters HPLC systems will be re-used
Labrecycling gives analytical laboratory equipment a 2nd life. , , , ,
12-04-2019  |  015x  |  Photo reportage  | 
Reliable representative samples in a very short time Fast, gentle comminution and homogenisation
Reliable representative samples in a very short time
Fast, gentle comminution and homogenisation The Knife Mill Pulverisette 11 provides a homogeneous sample in a very short time due to its special design. Each subsample taken from any location in the grinding vessel is representative for the original sample and thus ensures an exact, significant analysis. And that for a wide range of different materials, regardless of whether the sample is dry, moist, soft, medium-hard, fibrous or oily. Ideal for sample preparation in the fields of foodstuffs or animal feed testing, agriculture and forestry, biology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. For each application the perfect accessories The standard knife made of stainless steel can be used for comminution of nearly all materials due to its four blades and a well-conceived geometry. For comminution of brittle, hard samples we recommend the sickle knife made of stainless steel. The sickle knife with serrated blades is ideal for grinding especially fibrous, tough or sinewy samples, such as fish, meat, asparagus or bamboo. Even
10-04-2019  |  053x  |  News in brief  | 
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