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Manage your samples with MbioLims
Manage your samples with MbioLims
Modul-Bio provides software solutions specifically designed for Biobanks and Cohort projects. We specialise in the development of biological sample traceability solutions, i.e. barcode systems and laboratory information management software for large-scale biology projects. We also offer different types of scalable solutions, with an increasing number of features and interconnection possibilities. Modul-Bio’s products portfolio includes: MBioLIMS BioBanking®: a flexible Laboratory Information Management System based on MBioLIMS Core and Plug-in modules. Specially designed for biobanks and cohorts projects, main functionalities include patients management, samples collection, processing and distribution. eMBioBANK®: a centralized biospecimen inventory web catalogue for sharing biorepositories sample collections with researchers. MBioLABEL®: biological samples identification solutions for long term storage, from labelling to scanning. These solutions are tailored
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Users of MbioLIMS Biobanking software User and Team use of LIMS
Users of MbioLIMS Biobanking software
User and Team use of LIMS The MbioLIMS Biobanking solution allows laboratories to manage their staff utilisation of the system to maximise efficiency and restrict access where necessary. Organisation staff and their requirements or restrictions of use should be a large factor in the planned use of LIMS. This can, and should be applied to two areas: 1) Functionality 2) Data 1) The different needs of the lab staff, management team and other users with access can be considered with MbioLIMS Biobanking to create directed and efficient use. The home dashboard provides an immediate snapshot of the current situation with samples, issues, distribution etc within the laboratory. Management reports and saved searches can be easily accessible and shareable, and the required outputs created. For laboratory staff, the procedures and day to day operations is made available in intuitive and user-friendly screens. Working lists and shortcut hyperlinks minimise the clicks required to achieve any goal.
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Vacuum? – Simply under control! VACUU·SELECT - The new vacuum controller from VACUUBRAND
Vacuum? – Simply under control!
VACUU·SELECT - The new vacuum controller from VACUUBRAND VACUU·SELECT® – the new interactive controller from Vacuubrand offers a new operating concept for all typical vacuum processes in chemistry labs for quick, time saving and guaranteed results. The graphic user interface with modern touchscreen display allows for simple and intuitive data input. In combination with new and existing vacuum sources, the VACUU·SELECT is the perfect all-round partner for all your lab applications. Depending on the process, the settings of each vacuum application can be very different. VACUU·SELECT offers predefined procedures for all common vacuum applications, which can be started or adjusted easily via the intuitive touchscreen interface. The application editor allows for easy drag and drop customization and even includes a handy tool enabling you to save your favourite processes so you don´t need to start from the beginning each time. Robust, yet sensitive The handling of aggressive chemicals is the daily work for chemistry vacuum
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White Paper on solution for GxP Compliant Spreadsheets CIMINFO provides data integrity and compliance solutions
White Paper on solution for GxP Compliant Spreadsheets
CIMINFO provides data integrity and compliance solutions Spreadsheets are widely used throughout the life science industry in labs, manufacturing, research or clinical settings. Excel continues to be a solution of choice due to ease of use, familiarity with the application and ability to share data. Four (4) common challenges when using spreadsheets to meet GxP quality requirements are; 1.Tracking changes made to worksheets 2.Compromised file security through password sharing 3. Maintaining workbook integrity, post spreadsheet validation 4. Effort required to print, sign, securely store and retrieve audited sheets. With the right Excel control solution all of these challenges can be resolved. For this and other white papers please visit our website.
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Streamlining the workflow with INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96/384
Streamlining the workflow with INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96/384
Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland are using INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96/384 multichannel electronic pipette to streamline the experimental workflow of studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa – a bacterium that commonly infects individuals with lung conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. Alexandre Figueiredo, a PhD student in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, explained: “We recently completed an evolutionary experiment on Pseudomonas, to understand how a specific siderophore – a molecule which binds and transports iron in microorganisms – assists its ability to infect other organisms, and how environmental conditions affect the production of this compound. The media for culturing different populations needed changing frequently, and so we required a system to make this workflow more efficient. I opted for the VIAFLO 96/384 after seeing my colleagues using it successfully for high throughput screening applications.” “We used the VIAFLO 96/384 for filling
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How a No-Deal Brexit Could Impact the Flow of Pharmaceutical
How a No-Deal Brexit Could Impact the Flow of Pharmaceutical
By: Candice Tang, MSc. The prospect of a “no-deal” in Brexit negotiations could seriously hurt the pharmaceutical industry with the flow of medicines and medical products being disrupted for up to six months. In August, the government urged pharma companies to stockpile an additional six weeks worth of supplies in preparation for potential border delays that will result from no consensus during trade talks with the European Union (EU). Delays will likely arise from additional border checks and procedures imposed by member states of the EU. Areas of particular concern are Dover and Folkestone, according to Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the Department of Health & Social Care. The “closed loop nature” of these straits can mean that “both exports and imports would be affected.” In an update from Hancock, it is clear that the contingency plan must be “supplemented with additional actions.” This means planning alternative routes
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