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Insights from IFFA Its all about automation
Insights from IFFA
Its all about automation This years IFFA has come to a close after six days of discussions about the latest industry trends and analytical solutions. We asked some of the participants for their take on important trends for the coming years. The big buzz word in the meat industry this year was automation. According to Andreas Seydelmann, Managing Partner of Seydelmann, the scarcity of labour combined with the increasing focus on quality and food safety is behind the strong focus on automation in the meat industry. If something goes wrong with the product, thats not acceptable at all. So, having to recall should be absolutely prevented. We need systems that are continuously safe. Focus on food safety Seydelmann explains that todays consumers are expecting a more diverse range of products, including niche products such as vegetarian and vegan products which are increasingly in demand. In the pet food industry things are changing too, as people are willing to pay more for pet food than
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Size really does matter - When purchasing equipment for laboratories
Size really does matter
- When purchasing equipment for laboratories Laboratories are nearly always short of space which means bulky or very heavy equipment cant be accommodated or has to be housed away from the laboratory. The introduction of liquid helium free, pre-clinical, high field MRI scanners has been a boon to the worlds leading laboratories. The commercially available liquid helium free technology which was developed by MR Solutions is now available in a range of MRI, and multi-modality MRI scanners (with PET and SPECT modules) from 3T up to 9.4T. MR Solutions remains the only company with an installed base of liquid helium free, high field scanners. The size and weight comparisons between liquid helium free and wet superconducting magnets bathed in liquid helium - is quite staggering. Other benefits of being liquid helium free are: A solenoid can be placed on the casing, which reduces the stray magnetic field to a few centimetres. There is no ongoing costly helium top ups helium price has risen by 100% in last
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Control unit for Vibratory Feeder Laborette 24 Reliable Automatic Sample Feeding
Control unit for Vibratory Feeder Laborette 24
Reliable Automatic Sample Feeding The Vibratory Feeder Laborette 24 is ideal for automatic, uniform feeding of free-flowing materials into sample dividers, mills or mixers in your laboratory. The vibration, which is controlled by a micropro-cessor, conveys the sample material out of the funnel over the V or U-shaped stainless steel channel into the respective equipment. The flow rate can be individually adjusted; the vibration amplitude is precisely controlled for absolute uniform feed of even smallest quantities. Safe and reliable. Suitable for both: coarse and fine materials which can be conveyed reproducibly with a material feed between 1 g/min up to 2.500 g/min. Your advantages with the NEW control unit: - Setting of the maximum feed quantity in the setup mode by the user - Adjustment of the feed intensity and time via display - Fine adjustment of the material flow even of smallest quantities - Reproducible setting of the feed rate, when changing the material - Digital display
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C&W Specialist Salt for Salt Spray and CCT Cabinets
Complies to ASTM B117 TQC Sheen now supplies Sodium Chloride which quality complies to the stringent ASTM B117 standard. This C&W Specialist Salt is specially formulated for saline spray (fog) for corrosion testing with C&W Salt Spray and CCT cabinets. Obviously C&W Specialist Salt also creates the ideal saline spray for cabinets from other brands. Guaranteed quality and fully traceable ASTM B117, Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus, sets stringent requirements regarding the level of contaminants like copper, fluoride, iodine, bromide, or anti-caking agent in Salt thats used to create a salt fog. C&W Specialist Salt comes with a full Certificate of Analysis stating all relevant contaminants and a Certificate of Conformity with batch numbers and dates. This guarantees the high laboratory grade of C&W Specialist Salt. Clean To avoid the formation of lumps without using contaminating anti caking agents C&W Specialist Salt has a custom selected course grain. This course
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Data integrity in regulated laboratories Paperless Lab Academy Webinars Series
Data integrity in regulated laboratories
Paperless Lab Academy Webinars Series "Understanding Data Integrity and how to approach it in the chromatography regulated laboratory" The Academy offers a series of 6 webinars focused on Data Integrity. The objectives are to provide the tools for identifying and approaching the Data Integrity gaps in regulated laboratories. For anyone working under GXP and quality standards such as ISO 17025. Presented by Mr. Bob McDowall, moderated by Isabel Muoz-Willery Mr. Mc Dowall will take us along the 6 sessions, through the concepts of data integrity and data governance and provide sound recommendations built from large experience in the industry as auditor and consultant. From September 2019 to February 2020
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Microbial genome editing Microbial genome editing | Creative Biogene
Microbial genome editing
Microbial genome editing | Creative Biogene Homologous recombination has been broadly applied in genome editing of prokaryotes with high efficiency and accuracy. However, this way is limited in realizing larger-scale genome editing with large DNA fragments or numerous genes because DNA editing template construction is a relatively complicated procedure1. Derived from the immune system present in bacteria and archaea, CRISPR technology as an efficient genome-scale editing tool has revolutionized conventional genetic engineering methods and unprecedentedly facilitated strain engineering2. Consequently, the CRISPR/Cas9 system has rapidly become a transformative and powerful tool for editing genomes in many organisms.
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