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BOC Sciences Upgrades Impurity Isolation and Identification Service
BOC Sciences Upgrades Impurity Isolation and Identification Service
As one of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical suppliers in the last decades, BOC Sciences provides impurity isolation and identification services for scientists and researchers who are devoted to drug development research. We now offer impurity removal, API purification, and product upgrade services through multiple drug analytical technology platforms. Drug quality is related to the health and safety of drug users, so the impurities of listed drugs are more and more strictly controlled in many countries. In the process of drug development, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) is not only one of the commonly used techniques in drug impurity analysis, but also one of the effective means for qualitative and quantitative analysis of impurities that may be produced by drugs. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, HPLC-MS is also developing into one of the most important tools in the fields of life science, medicine, clinical,
30-11-2020  |  042x  |  Product news  | 
BOC RNA and Dr. Shiyue Fang Announced Plans to Cooperate
BOC RNA and Dr. Shiyue Fang Announced Plans to Cooperate
Recently, Boc rna and Shiyue Fang`s team at Michigan Technological University reached a cooperative consensus to conduct sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis. DNA/RNA can coexist with many sensitive organic functional groups. However, DNA/RNA analogs containing these groups cannot be obtained through the current technologies on the market. It is reported that the new technology developed by Shiyue Fang`s group using Dim-Dmoc phosphoimide and Dmoc supports can be used for sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis. This new technology is generally applicable to the synthesis of DNA/RNA containing a variety of sensitive groups. Sensitive DNA/RNA analogs obtained using Dim-Dmoc technology can be used in the study of protein interactions, the origin, function, disease association research of naturally occurring sensitive DNA/RNA analogs, the development of antisense drugs, DNA/RNA-based disease diagnosis, and synthesis of mRNA drugs. About Dr. Fang The current projects of Dr. Fang`s research
30-11-2020  |  037x  |  Industry news  | 
Vaccine nationalism,CDMO expansion,AMR & dual sourcing predicted in 21
The new report looks ahead to a post-pandemic 2021 with pharma manufacturing capacity and payment structures s A new report from CPhI explores the potential implications in 2021 of impending vaccine approvals, a new administration in the White House and a return to dual supply chain strategies. The report – which summarises expert analysis into 12 key findings – foresees a particularly positive outlook for the pharma manufacturing supply chain, as a result of the demand for increased second source contingencies, alongside the huge scale-up of vaccine capacity currently underway. A consequence of which is likely to encourage expansion across the contract services sector for all product classes and therapy areas. Interestingly, the CPhI report highlights that ‘forgotten priorities’ of recent years like AMR (anti-microbial resistance), and continuous manufacturing will return – with the latter potentially simulating new manufacturing approaches for novel applications like RNA technologies. For example, two of the new COVID vaccines approaching approval use RNA technologies and,
30-11-2020  |  042x  |  Industry news
Creative Biostructure Provides De Novo Design for Protein Engineering
Creative Biostructure Provides De Novo Design for Protein Engineering
Scientists in the field of protein engineering and analysis now have access to the newly updated de novo protein design service, an attractive approach for constructing designed proteins with predetermined structures and functions. The process of protein molecular design mainly relies on the determination of protein structure and the establishment of molecular models. According to the relationship between protein structure and function, the technical methods of various disciplines are comprehensively used to ensure that new proteins with better performance than natural proteins can be obtained. The amino acid residues on natural protein molecules with a known structure can be used to study and improve the properties and functions of proteins; it is also possible to splice and assemble the domains of different proteins from different sources to transfer the corresponding functions, thereby obtaining protein molecules with new characteristics; It is possible to design
29-11-2020  |  053x  |  Product news  | 
Profacgen Provides Comprehensive Solutions for PEGylation
Profacgen Provides Comprehensive Solutions for PEGylation
Profacgen, with years of experience in bioconjugation services, now provides a full spectrum of quality solutions from single reagents to comprehensive PEGylation service to meet different needs. The introduction of polyethylene glycol (PEG) into biomolecules and drugs enhances the stability and pharmacological properties of proteins, peptides, antibody-drug conjugates, and small molecule drugs. As a synthetic polymer with high hydrophilicity, PEG is widely used to prolong the circulation time of proteins, increase the water solubility of therapeutic molecules as well as reduce the immunogenicity of biological drugs. To date, PEGylation has been used successfully in 12 commercially available drugs. The earliest PEGylation technology for protein modification has recently been transferred to small molecule drugs, which has triggered a new wave of research boom in the pharmaceutical industry. The binding of PEG has been shown to be a powerful tool for dissolving biomolecules,
29-11-2020  |  052x  |  Product news  | 
Creative Biogene Developed High Quality Adjuvants Products
Creative Biogene, as a scientists-founded and scientists-driven leading biotechnological company, focuses on developing high quality products and services to support the research in the field of basic life sciences research, biomedical development, industrial synthetic application and preclinical drug discovery. Recently, Creative Biogene announced the relsease of its adjuvants products in order to accelerate vaccine development and related research. Creative Biogene has advanced equipment, technology and experienced staff, and can provide customers with a series of high-quality adjuvant products for vaccine development, such as Freund`s adjuvant, bacterial-derived adjuvant, and fee-based receptor agonist and CpG ODN. Creative Biogene offers the largest selection of vaccine adjuvants. They have been approved for human vaccination or are still under research. They include granular adjuvants, such as alum and emulsions, and molecules known to activate pattern recognition
28-11-2020  |  039x  |  Industry news
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