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Bioinfo Platform Helps Discover Hidden Potential in Biological Data

CD Genomics`s Bioinformatics-analysis Division Help Discover Hidden Potential in Biological Data

Established in 2004, CD Genomics is a genomics service company with a good reputation. Recently, the vice president of CD Genomics announced the newly developed division - Bioinformatics-analysis division, which provides reliable next-generation and third-generation high-throughput sequencing data analysis, comprehensive technology services, database construction, and other related data analysis business, based on functional genomics BT+IT (high-throughput gene sequencing technology, biological information technology, high-performance biological cloud computing technology) technology,

CD Genomics provides sequencing platform and bioinformatics analysis platform. These platforms are equipped with advanced equipment and experienced scientists to assist all types of sequencing fields. The bioinformatics analysis team provides various bioinformatics analysis services related to genomics, transcriptomics, microbiology, epigenetics, proteomics and metabolomics, and other "omics data processing". The results of bioinformatics data analysis can be used for disease research, drug development, clinical diagnosis, microbiome research, crop research, species evolution, biological research and other new entity discovery.

CD Genomics is one of the global bioinformatics analysis service providers. It uses the most advanced bioinformatics analysis technology to carry out genomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics, single-cell omics and other research. CD genomics brings accurate bioinformatics analysis results into routine research practice, making bioinformatics analysis the norm.

From raw sequencing data to standardized data analysis reports, CD Genomics escorts your research through strict data quality control, reliable analysis software, standardized analysis procedures and cutting-edge analysis techniques. CD Genomics offers bioinformatics data analysis according to customer needs, including conventional data analysis and personalized customized analysis services. The bioinformatics analysis services provided by CD Genomics include:
Genomics Data Analysis
Transcriptomics Data Analysis
Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics
Epigenetics Data Analysis
Proteomics Data Analysis
Metabolomics Data Analysis
Single Cell Omics Data Analysis

“CD Genomics focuses on data analysis in the biological field. In addition to conventional services, we also provide data customization services, such as personalized data analysis, chart customization and optimization, and database construction. CD Genomics makes your data analysis deeper and more comprehensive, and provides you with more data analysis and data integration options.” said chief scientist of CD Genomics.

With the development of sequencing technology and the gradual deepening of research, different types of sequencing data are acquired at different times, thus accumulating a large amount of sequencing data. Through data integration analysis, people may find some very valuable scientific research results. CD Genomics provides you with customized services at reasonable prices.

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics enjoys a high reputation for sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping, providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academia and government agencies.