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Give your old/used AAS a 2nd life

Are there any surplus AAS Systems dusting in your warehouse or in the corner of your laboratory?

Currently Labrecycling is searching for AAS systems and is asking for your help. We get more and more demands for Atomic Absorption Spectrometers.

We search among other things:

* Varian 220 S, 240FS, 280FS
* Shimadzu AA700
* Agilent 200 Series

Labrecycling recycles chromatographic instruments and has room to take over your equipment. Throwing away is a sin.

What do you do with old chromatography equipment? Many laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium have old equipment, which is dusting in a corner of the laboratory or warehouse. And then…? We offer you the solution, whereby in most cases it is not only collected by us, but also gets a second life.
What we ask of you is a photo with a short description to WhatsApp or email us. It will only take you a few minutes. You will hear within a day, whether we can take over from you.
The information we only need from you is:
1. Manufacturer and model
2. Detailed photo or photos
3. Year of purchase
4. Are PC and software included?
Make your warehouse clear and give your AAS systems a 2nd life.