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Product description
03-01-2018  |  645x
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Kojair Tank Cleaners

Tank Cleaners

When the slightest impurity could contaminate an entire production batch, ensuring the cleanliness of the air in the tank is of utmost importance. Tank cleaners are of great importance in this case.

The Kojair tank cleaner flushes the tank interior with a clean, extremely efficiently filtered air flow, thus preventing bacteria, mold spores and other harmful particles from entering the tank. At the same time, Kojair tank cleaner ensures that replacement air is always available in any situation, thus preventing the tank from becoming under pressurized.

The tank cleaner can be attached to product and raw-material tanks of all sizes, e.g. in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.

“Clean replacement air for your product and raw-material tanks.”

The Kojair tank cleaner consists of a blower/filter unit and fittings for the replacement air duct. The parts are connected on site with stainless steel or plastic ducts. The fittings act both as inlets and outlets for air. A slight overpressure of clean air is formed inside the tank, which protects the contents of the tank from contamination and, at the same time, minimizes the chances of the replacement-air inlet getting clogged.

We have a standard product line for our tank cleaners. However if you would like to receive a customized model we can easily tailor a solution to fit your precise needs. Kojair has 50 years of experience in clean air technology. We are your partner when it comes to finding the most suitable and economical solutions for protecting your products against contamination.

Kojair tank cleaners are used all over the world. Customers use our tank cleaners to protect packaging and filling machines or sensitive work phases. Most of them are in the pharmaceutical, food-processing or electronics industry.

“Protect your manufacturing process with the Kojair tank cleaners”

Customized models of the Kojair Tank Cleaner with a larger air volume are available by special order. The blower/filter unit can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. The dimensions of the replacement-air duct opening must be included in the order.

Additional equipment tank cleaners:
• Filter pressure-difference control
• Insulated structure
• Heating coil
• Remote connection to process control
• Heat ring in replacement-air inlet
• UV light in fitting
• UV-light and heat ring control relays
• Etc.

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