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Product description
15-02-2018  |  557x
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How to dispense a product that is subject to degradation

R&D dosing solution for a range of viscosities

A customer with suurDOS® multi-channel dosing systems in use on various production lines in Europe, Asia and America, wished to modernize their R & D dosing unit, and modify it to comply with the latest safety standards. Based on experience in the production environment, Suurmond designed a custom single-channel dosing unit complete with control system and data logging.

The challenge
Within an extrusion process, this dosing unit dispenses a product that is subject to degradation (aging) due to air exposure. The dosing unit must therefore incorporate the necessary facilities to inhibit or prevent this degradation. The dosing unit is used to dispense products with a range of viscosities in a R & D department.

Our solution
The suurDOS® unit is equipped with two storage vessels that are fully heated.
Each vessel incorporates a nitrogen blanket above the contents to inhibit premature aging of the product.

Safety cover with viewing hole
The vessels can easily be filled with unmelted product through a special safety cover. This cover has an inspection port with sight glass, which can only be opened when the nitrogen line is disconnected.
The vessel is electrically heated to melt the solid product. An agitator starts automatically when the product reaches a certain temperature, ensuring a homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the contents of the vessel.

Wide range of viscosities
The dosing unit is equipped with an over-dimensioned Coriolis flow meter to enable dosing of products over a wide range of viscosities. However, this does mean that the dosage can deviate by up to 1% from the preset value, especially at low flow rates. This is a concession that the customer has willingly accepted.

The result
The dosing unit enables the customer’s R & D department to continue their research into the influence of additives on the extrusion process, with greater precision than was possible previously. The comprehensive data logging function of the control system simplifies the task of collection and analysis of results.

• Nitrogen blanket
• Selectable storage vessels
• Electrical heating
• Agitator for homogenous heating

Company information

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