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Product description
05-04-2018  |  485x
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Automated reactor system for polymer processing at R&D scale

Custom made with special lift construction

For a special application to process polymers at R&D scale, Autoclave designed in close consultation with the customer a reactor system in a compact and easy accessible skid. The reactor system had to perfectly connect to the existing systems, including the production installation. In addition, the process was fully automated.

Because of the special character of the process and the available space, the larger part of the system has been customized. From reactor to stirrer – which was designed by the customer – and a special construction to lift the cover plate as an alternative to lowering the reactor vessel.

As the system has been developed under NDA, we are restricted to a global, technical description of the system.

Scope of supply
• Skid with a pull-out staircase
• Büchi kiloclave with special design 20L vessel [suited for -1…+60 bar]
• Electrically heatable reactor vessel
• Cover plate with 7 openings, ranging from 1/4”NPT – 3/8”NPT – ½”NPT
• Own design stirrer
• Special lift construction for the vessel [Suurmond engineering]
• Büchi magnetically coupled stirrer bmd 1200
• Fully automated process
• Fully integrated control and operation with touchscreen panel

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