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23-09-2019  |  649x
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Smaller, Simpler, Safer: Precision Hydrogen SL, the smallest

Bulk supply of hydrogen gas for GC-FID can be a great inconvenience when your lab has space limitations. But with a small hydrogen generator such as Precision Hydrogen SL, you no longer have to think about these restrictions inside your lab.
If you require hydrogen for FID, opting for a cylinder contract might initially seem like the best option. However, apart from the hidden costs for the delivery and replacement of your cylinder, you might also be faced with space limitations in and around your lab. The safety hazards of hydrogen gas associated with bulk supply is also another issue to consider due to the high quantities of pressurized gas stored and the manual handling of the heavy cylinders.

Many laboratories looking to cut down on costs and to restore lab safety are now switching to a hydrogen generator over bulk hydrogen gas supply, primarily supply in the form of hydrogen cylinders. With an on-demand and onsite hydrogen gas generator for GC-FID, you no longer have to pay for cylinder delivery, installation and rental costs. Safety concerns are also eliminated, thanks to built-in leak detection and low gas storage levels. By switching to a small hydrogen generator, you also wonít have to worry about the dangers of manual handling sizeable gas cylinders.

With the issue of size and gas storage in mind, Peak Scientificís Precision Hydrogen SL offers the convenience of a highly compact source of hydrogen gas for FID. As the smallest laboratory-grade hydrogen generator of its class, Precision Hydrogen SL is one fifth of the size of its predecessor, generating 100cc or 200cc flow of hydrogen gas without compromising space and considerably reducing the labís footprint requirement to the bare minimum.

A small hydrogen generator like Precision Hydrogen SL means you can produce hydrogen gas for GC-FID at the push of a button without having any concerns over space limitations and safety. With such a small hydrogen generator the gas produced will only be generated to meet the needs of your instrument, meaning no unused gas is stored inside. Itís small, safe and easy to use, ensuring a hassle-free, 24/7 supply of hydrogen gas for FID.

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