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04-07-2016  |  500x
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Rainin TerraRacks™ help advance neurological research

The neuroimmunology laboratory at Nuovo Ospedale S. Agostino Estense di Baggiovara in Mode

Biologist Dr Roberta Bedin explained: “Most of the laboratory’s work is specialist diagnostic testing of cerebrospinal fluid from patients suffering from neurological diseases, but we also carry out research into conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.”

“I have used Rainin LTS pipettes – single and multichannel – for many years, and find them easy to handle, light weight and accurate. The multichannel pipette is especially useful for ELISAs. The LTS tips are well made and not too rigid, and the design of the pipettes allows them to be picked up without using a lot of force. Recently, our stockist suggested we tried TerraRacks. I like the fact that the racks are transparent so that you can see what you are doing and, as the plastic is recyclable, the environmental impact is taken into account. In general, the larger the volume of waste, the greater the cost of disposal. TerraRacks are not only recyclable, they can also be compressed so that the waste takes up very little space, which is a definite advantage.”

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