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21-03-2018  |  597x
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New Business Intelligence Module - Eusoft.Lab 10 LIMS

Business Intelligence has a strategic importance in all companies. It allows the business to apply IT technologies, methodologies and predictive analytics to extract information and knowledge. The aim is to improve the efficiency and timeline of decision-making. Quality control and other testing laboratories exploit LIMS to perform advanced processing and analysis of data through the use of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards.

Eusoft’s Business Intelligence module allows the laboratory to evaluate its performance using KPIs from data generated in Eusoft.Lab. Each laboratory can configure KPIs allowing effective use of the analytical data to support strategic decision making. It allows the generation of complex graphs for the representation of data that can then be shared with other business processes. The module can be used by all the members of staff involved in various capacities, in the management of analytical data (Laboratory, Quality, analysts and lab technicians). Each user will use dashboards most suited to their needs, choosing from existing ones (e.g. Number accepted samples/analysed, average daily samples accepted), or creating new ones.

Instead of being a long and complicated process, the new Business Intelligence module allows you to monitor analytical activities in real time.

The Key Features are:

- Filter application for the calculation of KPIs
- Application of different types of aggregate functions on the data (count, average, etc.)
- Representation of the data in different formats (tabular or graphical)
- Export data in different formats (pdf, excel, etc)
- Creation of bookmarks to store templates filters

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