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04-12-2018  |  50x
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Creative Peptides Reorganizes Its Peptide Synthesis Services

Shirley, New York - One of the world’s leading peptide suppliers Creative Peptides announced to reorganize its peptide synthesis services on November 21, 2018. Now this business is distinctively divided into three categories, namely, custom peptide design, custom peptide synthesis and GMP grade peptide synthesis.
As the pharmaceutical industry develops rapidly, there are an increasing demand for peptide synthesis. And with the discovery of biologically active peptides, the objectives of synthesis also change dramatically.
“Peptide design is the very first step of any meaningful studies about proteins and peptides. During this step, several factors such as the length of sequence, amino acid residues and the sequence of peptides need to be carefully considered as they are vital to correct assembly and purification. So we generally adopt some strategies to design peptide better,” explains Dr. Robert Martinez, head of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses, in a statement.
When everything gets prepared, a peptide synthesis project is initiated. “There are two types of peptide synthesis: solid phase synthesis and liquid phase synthesis. And in fact, the solid phase synthesis method has become a kind of common technique in the synthesis of peptides and proteins,” further expounds Dr. Robert. “In addition, all products synthesized by Creative Peptides meet GMP standards as all our production sites were designed in strict accordance to US-FDA guidelines for GMP Manufacturing.”

Peptide synthesis has proven to be useful in the following applications:
Biological effect measurements;
Peptide array and microarray printing;
Enzymology and biological activity screening;
Vaccine development;
Receptor characterization and receptor-ligand interactions;
Mass spec standard development and studies;
Protein function-structure analysis;
Peptide for drug discovery;
Therapeutic peptide drugs;
Biophysical studies;

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