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19-03-2020  |  211x
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Robust Compound Screening Platform Enhanced for Drug Screening

The New York-based chemical supplier BOC Sciences, also one of the active players in early drug discovery, recently announces to enhance its one-stop compound screening platform, which is efficient, economical and systematic, aiming to help scientists fulfill their screening needs arising from drug R&D projects. Having more than 200 bioassays of various disease models both in vitro and in vivo, the platform’s screening capacity is now enhanced and reaches almost 100,000 samples per day. Among them, over 100 are high-throughput screening (HTS) or high content screening (HCS) models.

Screening activities are of particular importance in the endeavors either to define potential pharmacological targets or to identify novel targets of known bioactive natural products in their drug discovery projects. A good design of chemical compound libraries can help reduce screening costs and save time while reserving the chance to find as many valuable hits as possible. Compound screening can not only score drug-likeliness, but also intelligently address diverse chemical space with reasonable compound numbers.

"Ever since we start our business in 2006, our screening library has been increasingly expanded. Currently there are over 200,000 small molecules," says a senior scientist from BOC Sciences. "With the most cutting-edge technology and also staffed with PhD-level technicians who are highly skilled, we aim to build a scientific screening system to facilitate our clients’ drug discovery efforts, providing technical support and insights for them, whether they are involved with investigation of severe disease treatment, drug innovation, preventive therapy or proprietary drug candidates."

In drug discovery, the importance of disease models is never over-emphasized. After the identification of potential drug compounds, which could be natural or chemically synthesized compounds, the next step is to specify their biological activity. But since it is impossible to do such test directly in the human body, researchers have to resort to disease models, which truthfully reflect the pathology of diseases and help to explore the activity and corresponding mechanism of the compounds. And at the same time, using disease models is also cost-effective, either at molecular, cell levels or at animal levels. “We now provides various bioassays for a wide range of research such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neural system diseases, reproductive system diseases, respiratory system disease, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, etc. Based on these bioassays, our compound screening platform is more powerful and robust.”

Being professional, diligent and responsible, BOC Sciences has obtained recognition and attention from its collaborators in both academia and industry over the past ten years. “We have been working with over 500 academia and industry research groups and have successfully identified 4 new drugs,” further adds the scientist.

Visit our website to know more about BOC Sciences` compound screening platform and bioassays as well as other drug discovery services.

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