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TITAN® LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
Laboratory Information Management System In designing TITAN, ATL has focused on a number of areas that are very important when evaluating LIMS solutions. This includes a consistent user interface across the entire application, high configurability to allow the LIMS to function like the lab, and numerous filtering options to allow users to see the data that is most important to them. Titan lims also provides the ability to track inventory and reagents, schedule sample collection, and it comes with a completely configurable dashboard for a quick look at the state of things at a glance. ATL raises the bar in areas that customers have long considered critical when choosing a LIMS. The generation of complicated QC requirements, instant limit checking with customizable record highlighting, automated reporting and email features, and multiple sample login options just scratches the surface of what TITAN is capable of handling. The LIMS also provides great storage management tracking, preparation and analysis batch
29-04-2019  |  268x  |  Product description  | 
Flexible software for 24/7 processes in lab and R&D Increase the quality of your experiments and save time!
Flexible software for 24/7 processes in lab and R&D
Increase the quality of your experiments and save time! FlexySYS is the automation platform from Systag System Technik AG for the complete process optimization and is part of FlexyCONCEPT; the modular automation system for the complete chemical development. The software is compatible with peripheral devices from other brands. Simple integration and intuitive control! FlexySYS is used for the automation of: - Single reactors - Parallel synthesis - Reaction calorimetry - Thermal safety Once trained, you can work anywhere! Characteristics: - Manual operation - Recipe controlled operation - Interventions during recipes are possible without stopping the recipe - Automatically generated lab reports - Continuous logging - Sequential progress list - Standard parameter controlled reaction process - Graphic/ mathematical evaluations - Compliant with GLP / GMP / Part 11 CFR21
05-11-2018  |  444x  |  Product description  |   | 
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