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Product news

New version of spreadsheet compliance software released Includes support for Office 2019
New version of spreadsheet compliance software released
Includes support for Office 2019 Ciminfo software announces the release of a new version of the eInfotree Spreadsheet Compliance Software. eInfotree is a Market Leader in making existing Excel spreadsheets compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. It is used by hundreds of firms in over 30 countries to enhance data integrity. eInfotree supports the use of both standard Excel files as well as Excel template files. The new version supports Office 2019 and provides a host of improvements and enhancements. For more information, please contact Ciminfo software at
24-06-2019  |  417x  |  Product news  | 
TECHNIDATA announces a new version of TD HistoCyto software  A major advance helping anatomic pathology laboratories to go paperless
TECHNIDATA announces a new version of TD HistoCyto software
A major advance helping anatomic pathology laboratories to go paperless Technidata announces the launch of version 13.41 of its TDHistoCyto software solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. This version has a new interface, and additional functionality that allows laboratories to benefit from real paperless processing. Patient safety is enhanced, the risk of errors reduced, and process traceability streamlined. Laboratories gain in efficiency and productivity, and the workflow is optimized. -- A fully integrated rapid process tracking -- Rapid Process Tracking is one of the main features of this new version. Combined with the use of barcode readers in the laboratory, TDHistoCyto now provides comprehensive, and fully integrated, workflow traceability. The technical preparation stages in the lab are labor intensive. Other stages have been computerized by the Laboratory Information System (or LIS), but preparation of the blocks and slides often still uses paper worksheets, or third - party solutions which add complexity to the computer
11-01-2019  |  344x  |  Product news  | 
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Product description

TITAN® LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
Laboratory Information Management System In designing TITAN, ATL has focused on a number of areas that are very important when evaluating LIMS solutions. This includes a consistent user interface across the entire application, high configurability to allow the LIMS to function like the lab, and numerous filtering options to allow users to see the data that is most important to them. Titan lims also provides the ability to track inventory and reagents, schedule sample collection, and it comes with a completely configurable dashboard for a quick look at the state of things at a glance. ATL raises the bar in areas that customers have long considered critical when choosing a LIMS. The generation of complicated QC requirements, instant limit checking with customizable record highlighting, automated reporting and email features, and multiple sample login options just scratches the surface of what TITAN is capable of handling. The LIMS also provides great storage management tracking, preparation and analysis batch
29-04-2019  |  268x  |  Product description  | 
Manage your samples with MbioLims
Manage your samples with MbioLims
Modul-Bio provides software solutions specifically designed for Biobanks and Cohort projects. We specialise in the development of biological sample traceability solutions, i.e. barcode systems and laboratory information management software for large-scale biology projects. We also offer different types of scalable solutions, with an increasing number of features and interconnection possibilities. Modul-Bio’s products portfolio includes: MBioLIMS BioBanking®: a flexible Laboratory Information Management System based on MBioLIMS Core and Plug-in modules. Specially designed for biobanks and cohorts projects, main functionalities include patients management, samples collection, processing and distribution. eMBioBANK®: a centralized biospecimen inventory web catalogue for sharing biorepositories sample collections with researchers. MBioLABEL®: biological samples identification solutions for long term storage, from labelling to scanning. These solutions are tailored
19-12-2018  |  554x  |  Product description  |   | 
Modul-Bio module spotlight
Modul-Bio module spotlight
Biological Resource Centre Module This module is an essential core inclusion for biobank clients. The functionality included is specifically designed to suit biobank and cohort requirements. Some examples are: Sample data can be separated into different collections, under different rules and control. An individual collection can have multiple consents for required inclusion. MBioLIMS BioBanking users can have access to the collection restricted or granted. The reception of samples can be managed in this module. This includes requests, shipping, reception, transport and handling. Each tube in the MBioLIMS system will always be connected to the original reception in which it was collected. Once samples are entered into MBioLIMS, any transformations the undergo in their history can be managed here. Specific processes and protocols can be assigned to different studies. Users are able to action samples in batches, facilitating less clicks and interaction
11-12-2018  |  474x  |  Product description  | 
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