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04-09-2019  |  273x
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GCxGC with parallel MS and FID detection

New application note

Our application specialist Daniela Peroni published a new application note:

GCxGC with parallel MS and FID detection for improved analysis of fragrances.
Gas chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is broadly employed for the analysis of allergens and aroma compounds in fragrances. However, the analytical challenge is not trivial. The complexity of essential oils and perfumes typically requires multiple analyses with different stationary phases to achieve suitable resolution for all targets.

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCGC) couples two columns in a single analysis to achieve superior separation power. Peaks are distributed across a 2D separation space based on different physicochemical properties, enhancing resolution and significantly reducing co-elution. These advantages make GCGC-MS increasingly more widespread in the fragrance industry for accurate and time-effective targeted analysis as well as untergated profiling.

Here we demonstrate the feasibility of thermally-modulated GCGC with parallel MS/FID detection to combine enhanced identification capability and robust, reliable quantification in fragrance analysis.

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